JavaScript Meetup 2022

Charity JavaScript Meetup 2022

June 29, 2022


Event is finished


It is a great opportunity for JS enthusiasts to get together and discover insights about the new framework in the world of JavaScript.

On June 29 at 18:30 (POLISH TIME), you will have an excellent chance to become a Charity JavaScript Meetup listener. 

Participation in the Charity JavaScript Meetup is free, but registration is a must. The participants can also donate money to the UAID Foundation, which provides Ukrainians with much-needed equipment and medical supplies.

The attendees will gain new knowledge and helpful tips on how to organize a whole project from JS experts from Poland and Ukraine.


Discussion points

Remix – yet another JS Framework or real game-changer?

Aleks shared his experience with the new Remix framework.

Cleaning things up – JS clean Architecture

Mateusz talked about various levels of architecture. Starting from the ordinary code level and moving towards multiple npm packages, he demonstrated how to use React and organize a large project using the example of his project.


18:00 - 18:45

Remix – yet another JS Framework or real game-changer?

18:45 - 20:00

Cleaning things up – JS clean Architecture


Aleks Zinevych

Engineering Director at Avenga

Mateusz Chrzonstowski

Mateusz Chrzonstowski

Full-Stack Software Engineer at Glovo