Seven questions to our Test Lead, Hakim

Seven questions
to Test Lead,


Hakim has been with us since 2020 and although it seems to be a rather short period of time, he has demonstrated great capability to handle challenging situations and solve different scenarios by utilizing his ability to lead the Malaysia team. Here’s Hakim – always super-friendly, always 100% committed, and always with, a positive outlook. You know you can count on him to get things done!

What is your role?

My main role is that of a test lead. I am responsible for managing the testing team as they carry out their assigned projects and for maintaining good communications with the management. I would like to say that my objective is to help motivate our team and make sure we meet the expected quality deliverables in line with the company’s core values – while encouraging and inspiring the team to develop and grow as individuals.

What keeps you motivated?

This might sound cheesy but my family keeps me motivated. I always make a promise to myself and to my wife and kids that I will do my very best at whatever comes my way.

What inspires you to do your best at work?

I’m proud to say it’s this company’s work culture. The people that I have been working with, whether it’s directly from the team in Malaysia or Poland, Management or HR, give me a sense of “belonging”. The way everyone communicates creates this strong bond and what follows is an organized team and a structured workflow. The value of trust given makes me want to do my very best, whatever it takes.

Who is your role model?

Right now, I would say it’s my wife. 2021 was rough for our family, especially my wife. The amount of challenges she had to go through switching from one thing to another, and yet she still managed to get back up stronger and take it all with a smile. She is my rock.

Hakim Azra Family

How do you usually handle stress?

Oh, I usually do breathing exercises (I recommend the 4-7-8 method if anyone is interested). General exercises also help. I would do a bit of yoga before work and sometimes go for a run after.

Which superhero would you like to be? Why?

Easy. Captain America all day. The reason is not because of his super serum, but because of his personality. His leadership qualities and his empathy for others are something I truly admire.

Anything you would like to say to your fellow teammates/anyone?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the management team for the trust they have given me. I will do my best. To my fellow teammates and work colleagues (way too many to mention ???? – thank you for all the support you have given me and each other. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. Let’s do our best – together!

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