The Retrospective, loved by your team

The Retrospective, loved by your team

May 14, 2024


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Does your team love retrospectives, or do they consider it an unnecessary ceremony without benefit?
And do you enjoy conducting retrospectives?
I’ll admit, once upon a time, retrospectives were my least favorite meeting, and I wasn’t very fond of conducting them. But now everything has changed, and I adore retrospectives with my team.

How did that happen?

Our speaker, Olesia Veremchuk, Project Manager at Avenga, will share her experience and knowledge with us so that in the future, your retrospectives will not only be productive but also interesting for both you and your team.

Event language: Ukrainian.

May 14

At 18:00 (Kyiv time)


On YouTube – Avenga Ukraine


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– Why retrospectives aren’t just another useless meeting?

– How to prepare for a retrospective?

– Unconventional formats for your next retrospective

– Key rules for a successful retrospective

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Olesia Veremchuk
Project Manager, speaker