Meetup for .NET Engineers

Meetup for .NET Engineers

Avenga welcomes the .NET community to our event!

Offline (Ivano-Frankivsk), online

Event is finished


Dear .NET Community, we had to change our plans and postpone the event with Bohdan Pashkovskyi, Senior Engineer, and Hryhoriy Hasyn, Engineering Director. We will inform you regarding the new date and other event details on this page and on Avenga’s social media pages. All registered participants will receive emails from our organization to provide more information.

If you would like to stay tuned about the new date and time of the event, please leave your email in the registration form at the bottom, and we will send you an email.


presentations by .NET Experts


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Discussion points

The Dark Side of the Moon

The presentation revolves around integrating innovative solutions learned at various conferences into real projects and the problems that arise during this process. 

Typically, when you attend a presentation showcasing an idea or solution as a one-size-fits-all fix, it’s quite inspiring to apply it to your own projects. 

Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always unfold as pleasantly, and things don’t go as smoothly as the speaker presented.


Evolving Towards the Future: A Deep Dive into Evolutionary Architectures

Have you ever felt that your software architecture is stuck in the Stone Age? Our goal is to help you realize where you are and where and how to move forward.) We will explore evolutionary architectures and the technical world’s response to Darwin’s theory. We’ll delve into the principles, components, advantages, and challenges of implementing these adaptive structures. 

And it’s not all theoretical: we have a real case study to prove that this is more than just another tech fad.

Event language: Ukrainian.



The dark side of the moon


Q&A session


Coffee break


Evolving Towards the Future: A Deep Dive into Evolutionary Architectures


Q&A session


Offline networking (for participants from Ivano-Frankivsk)

How to join the event

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Send 200 UAH for charity to our Monobank account.

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Fill out the form for participants and attach the proof of donation.

Step 3


We will get in touch with you and send you a confirmation with all the details 2 days before the event.

Step 4


Meet us on the event day and have a fruitful time with the community


Богдан Пашковський

Bohdan Pashkovskyi

Senior Engineer at Avenga

Gregory Hasyn

Hryhoriy Hasyn

Engineering Director at Avenga

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