Charity and volunteering activities

Charity and

We fully comprehend the importance of being a part of the world beyond our business. This means volunteering, taking part in pro-bono activities, and supporting non-profit organizations and charity initiatives.

Women Shelters

Frauenhäuser Köln offers protection, accommodation, and support for women and their children who are affected or threatened by physical, mental and sexual violence. During each winter holiday season, we collect and donate gifts for children who have to spend Christmas with their moms in a shelter. All of us deserve a little miracle.

Intervention Adoption Center

We support the Intervention Adoption Center, an organization that helps prevent social orphaning and create opportunities for children to grow up in the best environment possible. We support foster families in their responsibility for the children’s upbringing and for creating new, safe and happy homes for them.

Bona Fide Foundation

The Bona Fide Foundation helps people with disabilities and also supports their families materially, financially and psychologically. They work with children and young people with profound health disabilities. We help to equip them with necessary items for therapy and, of course, for entertainment.

Support of e-learning

Because of the quarantine, schools all over the globe switched to online learning which requires proper technical equipment. Avenga Poland joined the #dajżekompa initiative in Krakow supporting children with the so much needed computers and donated monitors for better e-learning experience.

child with colourful hand

Books for hospitals

The Great Collection of Books ( is an annual social campaign in Poland. Avenga Poland joined this initiative and collected over 250 books and donated them to hospitals and care center libraries.

Charity run

We run a charity relay by Fundacja Poland Business Run. The purpose of the activity is to raise awareness and collect donations for people with mobility impairments. Thanks to this initiative, 55 people will receive the needed help and support.

Being part of something bigger means a lot. We continue our actions year by year and strive to make a measurable impact by engaging our people, partners, and clients in philanthropic commitments.

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