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Recently, we’ve covered prices of developing mobile apps. Now, it’s time to address the question that makes developers cringe even more – “what’s the average web app development cost?”

Prior to writing this piece, I’d looked through tons of articles on the topic and found most of them are like crappy ketchup bottles. I’d fiddled around with them forever, trying to squeeze meaning from each side, but hardly anything came out.

More disturbingly, the majority didn’t even include numbers! With titles like “how much money should you spend, average costs of and the price of building a web app the blogs contained nothing but endless text; some vague developer’s ramblings.

Today, we’ll put a stop to the uncertainty, or at least try to, by providing the average costs of web apps here at Perfectial; and by explaining in detail which factors determine them.


So, what affects the web app development cost?

#1 Scopeweb app development cost

The first element dictating web app development cost is the functionality level. Is it a simple website you’re planning to launch, which only serves as a responsive online brochure, or a unique ERP system? Does it include lots of third party integrations or is it standalone?

Whichever you opt for, don’t commit too much to your initial vision. Reality, with its frequent unaffected cruelty, might shatter it to pieces.

Even if you have all aspects of the future system already thought out (which is admirable) we recommend narrowing your idea down to a set of core functions at first. It’s called a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach, and it’s designed specifically to save you money.

Focused on MVP, developers won’t need to code as much, which will trickle down to QAs, PMs, etc. And, you’ll get to try out your idea with real consumers first, receive vital feedback, before proceeding further with what might be a costly project execution.

 #2 Design & UXweb app development cost

Custom design takes more money out of your budget, that’s a given.

Not only is making unique interfaces which reflect your brand’s values hard, but so is writing a markup for them, using HTML and CSS. Both activities require time, and time, as I’ve stressed earlier, is paid in software development.

Sure, you can choose pre-built design templates, which are two a penny, but mediocrity is rarely one’s wish when it comes to software market. Thousands of apps are launched each month, and not standing out on from them means, basically, foredooming your business from the offset.

#3 Nicheweb app development cost

This one has to do with the uniqueness of an app and is related tightly to the scope, as both factors translate into the time needed for engineering.

Building something of which there are tons, like an online shop or a web journal requires no special knowledge and therefore doesn’t cost a lot. Unique and complicated software systems, however, are different. They can’t be delivered without the involvement of top development talent and advanced project management expertise – the intangible resources which, in the world of software, are of most value.

That doesn’t mean you must only hire glorified web agencies, with sky-high hourly rates, to work on niche projects. Most solid companies, if they happen to lack the necessary expertise, will hurriedly hire a specialist (or a couple) to bring your app to life; they need to keep a client. The charge for that, however, tied with the staff training which will probably take place, too, will be included in your receipt and significatnly your web app development cost.

#4 Location

Much like real estate, engineering talent costs less overseas. Agencies from the US, Australia or Canada pay developers by $80-150/hour rates, the highest rates in the world, and charge their clients accordingly.

In the UK, you can find solid contractors for $50-100 per hour and in Eastern Europe, rather advantageously, for $20-50.

And then, there are freelancers willing to work for $5-10/hour and unuseful completely, for anything beyond most inelaborate apps.

What’s the cost then?

All the estimates we provide are based on the projects we’ve worked with earlier. Naturally, they are approximate numbers, which won’t tell you precisely the budget you can squeeze your project in. However, they’ll provide you with a frame of reference

So, here are the prices of Web Development at Perfectial

Simple apps

web app development costThe title speaks for itself. They won’t do much.

Such apps could be websites with online brochure features only; landing pages with a few interactive elements; calculator pages; widgets or simple components for an existing website.

The wep app development cost in such cases ranges from $5K to $10K. The number of experts needed for their development is 2 or 3 – 1 (or 2) Web Engineer and a UX/UI designer working simultaneously for 2-3 months.

Mid-complexity apps

web app development costThese are usually advanced e-commerce retailers, marketplace-based web apps or huge modules/additional parts for existing websites.

$15-30K is what they cost, roughly, 3 to 6 months is the time they’re being developed for, and 5- 6 experts is usually who develops them.

Teams, who launch mid-complexity apps at Perfectial consist of a UI/UX Engineer, 3-4 Software Engineers and a QA Engineer.

Enterprise apps

web app development costComplete web apps, that automate core business processes within large companies, or advanced FinTech software projects.

Enterprise apps are built by 11-15 experts (1-2 UI/UX Engineers, 8-10 Software Engineers, 2-3 QA Engineers) over the course of 6-24 months. They might cost $100,000, or $1,000,000, or more, especially if post-release updates and maintenance are also required.

Concluding notes

We hope sincerely that the estimates above have helped you; that you now understand, or at least have an idea about web app development cost.

However, to get more precise figures, along with consultations and actionable advice, it’s better to contact our in-house expert. He’s a highly experienced, friendly man, who’ll gladly help you figure it all out.

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