Avenga’s internal grant program

Avenga's internal
grant program

Empowering charitable initiatives across regional offices

Avenga internal grant program

In a remarkable demonstration of corporate social responsibility, Avenga Ukraine has successfully implemented an internal grant program, empowering its regional offices to champion charitable causes close to their hearts. What sets this initiative apart is the active involvement of Ukrainian team members in selecting and supporting the philanthropic goals they are passionate about. The results have been nothing short of incredible, fostering a culture of giving and community engagement within the company.

Ivano-Frankivsk office: bringing joy to lonely hearts

Avenga’s Ivano-Frankivsk team participated in the “BaDi” volunteer campaign, collaborating with the Charitable Fund “Strength of Good” and the Center for Social Protection. In an effort to combat loneliness among the elderly, the company provided Easter food parcels to 100 seniors living alone. Denys Babynskyi, Regional Manager at Avenga, emphasized the rewarding experience for his colleagues and the benefits it brought to older adults.

Poltava office: extending a helping hand to our furry friends

The Poltava office directed its efforts towards supporting animal shelters. For the “Barboskiny” shelter, Avenga purchased 260 kg of dry food, 240 packs of wet food, dog leashes, vaccines for puppies, and antiparasitic treatments, providing care and joy to the shelter’s furry residents. The team then extended their support to a private shelter, independently raising funds and purchasing medications and food for 32 cats and 15 senior dogs.

Khmelnytskyi office: aiding families in need

Avenga’s team in Khmelnytskyi rallied to support “Khmelnytskyi Without Orphans,” — an organization assisting families in difficult life situations, particularly large families and displaced persons. The team collected clothing, footwear, toys, and kitchenware. The company also purchased 31 food parcels, which were delivered by the Khmelnytskyi team to the families in need.

Cherkasy office: Supporting animals with “Druh” shelter

The Avenga Cherkasy office supported the local animal protection society “Druh.” Avenga specialists contributed funds for vaccines and joined in walking the shelter dogs. Oleksiy Saveliev, Regional Manager at Avenga, emphasized the importance of regular physical activity and socialization for stray animals, improving their well-being and increasing their chances of finding loving homes.

Avenga’s commitment to corporate social responsibility goes beyond financial contributions; it embodies a spirit of active engagement and a culture of empathy. The internal grant program not only supports diverse charitable causes but also reflects the shared values and compassion of Avenga specialists. As the company continues to make a positive impact, these initiatives stand as a testament to the transformative power of corporate giving and community involvement.

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