Avenga launches new Salesforce app: SharePoint Data Sync Manager

launches new
Salesforce app:
SharePoint Data
Sync Manager

Avenga Launches New Salesforce App

Cologne, 07/05/2023 – Avenga, a global IT engineering and consulting platform, is proud to announce the publishing of its new Salesforce app, SharePoint Data Sync Manager. This innovative tool seamlessly integrates Salesforce with SharePoint, streamlining data synchronization and enhancing operational efficiency.

The SharePoint Data Sync Manager is a dynamic tool that directly connects two key platforms in the business world – Salesforce and SharePoint. It enables users to read, manipulate, and update Salesforce records using Excel data from SharePoint, ensuring data is constantly updated and accurate.

The tool also offers job scheduling, allowing users to automate data retrieval and record creation or updating. Removing the need for manual data entry between two systems helps to save time and improve data integrity and quality. With a global interface and different permission sets, system administrators and software developers will find the product’s interface handy and easy to use.

“The SharePoint Data Sync Manager is another testament to Avenga’s commitment to delivering innovation and efficiency within the Salesforce ecosystem. This product is designed to enhance Salesforce capabilities by ensuring seamless data synchronization and management, leading to heightened operational efficiency. At Avenga, we believe that with the right approach to Salesforce, businesses can thrive on the unfathomed functionality the platform offers when designed, tuned, and implemented in the right way,” –  says Ivan Kohut, Chief Technology Officer at Avenga.

Highlights of SharePoint Data Sync Manager:

  • Read data from Excel files in SharePoint and use the data in Salesforce.
  • Create or update Salesforce records based on Excel data.
  • Use a global interface for data synchronization.
  • Access different permission sets for administrators and users.
  • Ensure data consistency and accuracy across platforms.
  • Enhance data management and operational efficiency.

Experience the Efficiency of SharePoint Data Sync Manager

We invite you to try it out from AppExchange and experience its efficiency firsthand. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a vision for a Salesforce-related product. At Avenga, we can bring your vision to life, no matter how complex.

About Avenga

Avenga, a seasoned business partner with deep insights into the pharma, insurance, finance, and automotive sectors, operates globally from seven countries. Our IT specialists assist multinational corporations like ABB, Allianz, GSK, Santander, and Volvo in their digital transformation, handling projects across the entire digital value chain. With over 20 years of expertise and a team of 4000+ engineers, we deliver real-world solutions and swift results, simplifying complexities in the pharma, insurance, and finance industries and propelling businesses toward digital excellence.

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