Data Engineer

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Data Engineer



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    • Setting up Data stores structured, semi structured and non-structured.
    • Secure data at rest via encryption
    • Implement tool to access securely multiple data sources
    • Implement solutions to run real-time analytics and data science.
    • Use container technologies for jobs, microservices and databases.
    • Willingness to learn
    • Design and implement data engineering tasks/solutions
    • Practice GitOps model to manage data pipelines
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    Skills & Qualifications

    • Experience in Java, Spark is a must
    • Experience in technologies like Elastic Search, Cassandra, Cockroach, YugabyteDB, Hadoop, S3, Presto
    • Experience working on Data science/ML pipelines is a plus
    • Experience with Spark Delta Lake or Apache Iceberg is a plus
    • Experience in distributed data processing, Kafka, Pulsar
    • Experience with setting up and running NoSQL is a plus
    • Experience of Unix/Linux environments is a plus
    • Experience of Agile/Scrum development methodologies is a plus
    • Knowledge of retail banking is a plus Be nice, respectful, able to work in a team
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    Your benefits

    • Ongoing development of professional qualifications
    • Stable employment and professional work environment
    • Diversified range of implemented projects
    • Genuine influence on career management
    • Team that respects your opinion
    • Private healthcare and sport packages
    • Team-building activities and sports events