Meet Avenga at BioIT World 2024

Meet Avenga at BioIT World 2024

Boston, MA, April 16-17. Avenga’s experts are coming to BioIT World to open the new frontiers of digital transformation and AI revolution in pharma to organizations looking to leverage innovative technologies to their competitive advantage.

Your personal Avenga experts

Iurii Odnorogov

VP Engagement

It is always a pleasure to meet people and companies looking to revolutionize their approach to digital transformation in pharma and life sciences. Coming from Avenga’s decades of experience in redefining the scope of digital excellence in the pharmaceutical industry, I am more than excited to share our insights with the industry’s leaders.

Radoslaw Wojszcz

Delivery Service Manager

Anyone eager to meet me at BioIT World 2024 will have full access to my knowledge and experience in ensuring smooth software delivery for the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies. I know what it takes to deliver cutting-edge, scalable, custom software solutions that streamline pharmaceutical innovation like no other.

Generative AI in life sciences: staging a renaissance of biomedical discovery

From drug development and disease modeling to laboratory automation and an omics realm, generative AI is creating a new paradigm of what is now possible in pharma. As the technology’s deployment opportunities seem limitless, learn more about what generative AI brings to the table in specific subfields of life sciences and how Avenga empowers pharmaceutical companies to make the most of it.

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Spearheading innovation in pharma with our expertise


AI for drug discovery and development

AI accelerates drug discovery and development by analyzing vast datasets and predicting molecular interactions, leading to faster identification of potential drug candidates. Its advanced algorithms optimize processes, saving time and resources while increasing the likelihood of success in bringing new treatments to market.



Bioinformatics extracts valuable insights from biological data, facilitating understanding of complex biological processes and diseases. By integrating computational and biological sciences, it drives advancements in personalized medicine, drug discovery, and precision healthcare.


Automation, digital lab, and robotics

Digital lab automation and robotics streamline laboratory workflows, reducing human error and increasing throughput, ultimately accelerating drug discovery and development processes. By automating repetitive tasks and enabling high-throughput screening, they enhance efficiency and productivity in pharmaceutical research and development.


Generative AI

Generative AI revolutionizes pharmaceutical research by generating novel molecular structures with specific properties, expanding the pool of potential drug candidates. Its ability to explore vast chemical space expedites the discovery of innovative therapies and accelerates drug development pipelines.


Cloud computing

Cloud computing in pharma enables scalable storage and analysis of vast datasets, facilitating collaborative research and accelerating drug development. Its flexibility and accessibility empower pharmaceutical companies to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance data security.


Data solutions

Custom data solutions in pharma optimize data management, providing tailored analytics and insights that drive informed decision-making and improve operational efficiency across the drug development lifecycle. By integrating diverse data sources and addressing specific needs, they enhance research, regulatory compliance, and patient outcomes in the pharmaceutical industry.

HIPAA compliance

Avenga is a HIPAA-compliant software company

Avenga designs, develops, launches, and maintains HIPAA-compliant software for pharma and life sciences companies.

ISO 27001 compliance

Ensure your software’s ISO 27001 compliance

We offer consulting and development services for pharma and life sciences companies that help achieve ISO 27001 compliance.

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance in software development

Our teams specialize in GDPR compliance, rendering your operations compliant with the EU data security requirements.

GxP compliance

Avenga follows GxP quality guidelines and regulations

We assist pharma and life sciences companies in meeting GxP requirements, including processes, and data integrity.

FDA software validation guidance

We lead in FDA software validation guidance

While helping companies achieve their business goals, our pharmaceutical software follows FDA software validation standards.

EU GMP Annex 11

Maintaining product quality with EU Annex 11

Digital transformation in pharma is called to improve the product or service quality. We ensure our adherence to this standard with EU GMP Annex 11.

CDISC compliance

Avenga takes care of CDISC standards implementation

Our experts will help you reach complete CDISC compliance to elevate the security and integrity of clinical and non-clinical research data.

HL7 FHIR integration

Seamless and efficient HL7 FHIR integration

Avenga supports its partners in safeguarding data exchange processes complying to the latest governmental regulatory compliance requirements.

ICH E2B compliance

Comprehensive ICH E2B compliance from the onset

We ensure drug development and pharmacovigilance operations safety with data granularity and high-quality Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSR).

Pharma digitalization with Avenga


Avenga excels in providing tailored pharmaceutical software solutions, facilitating swift digital transformation for pharmaceutical organizations. With extensive experience partnering with industry leaders, we’ve honed efficient and transparent collaboration processes.


Avenga offers diverse pharmaceutical software development services, prioritizing flexibility to tackle industry-specific challenges. Prior to project initiation, we meticulously assess client processes, resources, and digital maturity, tailoring our approach for optimal outcomes.


At Avenga, we’re dedicated to implementing strong security measures in every pharmaceutical software project. Our goal is to empower companies in pharma, life sciences, and biotech to streamline processes, cut costs, and effectively tackle security threats while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.


Avenga, a trusted global tech partner, is a seasoned and successful international software development company. With extensive workforce and delivery centers worldwide, we ensure convenient and efficient collaboration regardless of location. Our approach emphasizes self-management, transparency, effective communication, and easily trackable progress.


In pharmaceutical software development, Avenga offers more than just engineering services. We guide organizations through comprehensive technical transformations, driving high-value business outcomes quickly. Our experts facilitate infrastructure changes, resource procurement, and advise on cultural and process shifts for agile transformation.


Pre-packaged software often falls short in meeting all organizational needs. We specialize in designing, engineering, implementing, and enhancing highly customized solutions to address specific business challenges. Our tailored platforms empower clients in pharma, life sciences, biotech, and healthcare to achieve significant outcomes.

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