Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2023: Be the Change You Want to See

Women in Tech
Summit 2023:
Be the Change
You Want to See

We believe in women and their unlimited potential. Year by year, Avenga builds an equal community, and nowadays, 32% of Avenga specialists are women. In March 2023, we signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), initiated by the UN Global Compact and UN Women, furthering our commitment to strengthening equality in our team.

This June, female representatives of Avenga visited Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2023 – the largest conference for women in technology in Europe.

Not only about tech and career

Women in Tech Summit takes place in Warsaw, Poland, and is all about the impact of the most talented women in tech, science, and innovation. It envisions a future in which women have a lot to say.

What’s inside the Summit? Inspiring speeches by the most influential women leaders, engaging workshops and tech talks, a mentoring zone, and ample networking opportunities. Undoubtedly, diversity and encouragement for change took center stage. The tech discussions reflected the cutting-edge trends of the modern world: artificial intelligence and cyber security.

With its empowering atmosphere, the conference inspired everyone: “Be the change you want to see.”

Women in Tech Summit 2023

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women in tech

Perspektywy Women in Tech


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Women in tech, science, and innovation

Avenga’s delegation included representatives of the Project Management Office together with the PMO Director and Business Transformation Director. Our specialists were truly inspired by this great opportunity of networking with female leaders.

Avengas attended countless presentations, with one thing remaining unchanged – top-notch speakers on each stage. We’ve gathered the most noteworthy for you:


"Everyday Bold Transformations: Becoming a Force for Good in the World and Your World" by Funmilola Fagbamila

It was one of the most inspiring talks of the Summit, brimming with ideas that resonated with many of us. Funmilola crafted her speech around the concept of seizing opportunities. Whenever you come across an opportunity where you can contribute or make a difference, get involved and invest your time and efforts into it. "Fear cannot be in the driver's seat of your life. Do it, afraid." – this is the key message emphasizing that fear shouldn't drive our decisions and plans. Don't change your dream because you are afraid of doing something. Give it a chance.


"Digital Transformation of Processes – How to Deal with It? Leadership & Technical Challenges" by Anna Kożuchowska

It showed us that implementing Agile without taking reality into account may be ineffective. There are three major problems when Agile works well enough: the problem of uncertainty, the problem of dependencies, and the problem of competence. If you're a PM leading through a transformation, your soft skills hold greater significance than your technical agility. As a project leader, apply your soft skills to create an environment that guides the team through the uncertainty of transformation and effectively handles tension. Avenga's PMO team knows it as no one else and enjoyed the discussion about going beyond the boundaries of standard methods.


"Women in Space – Reaching for the Stars" by the Polish Space Agency representatives

We often call complicated things "rocket science," implying they are difficult. However, these women truly engage in rocket science. Throughout the presentation, step by step, you come to understand that with support, transparent access to information, shared goals and ideas, even space science can be implemented smoothly.


"Data Needs the Dreamer" by Tiffany Ceasor

The speaker suggested: "Look at it the way a Dreamer would. It took a human in me to see what others wouldn't." And we answered: "Yes!". It took a human in each of us to succeed in diverse industries that may have seemed unrelated. The human in us is curious, passionate, and brave. This human doesn't give up.


"Bolder Voice for Bolder Choice" by Jayshree Seth

Healthy conflict plus trust is key to building an effective team. Healthy conflict is a driver, highlighting the gap and facilitating improvements. It also means that the team is set up well – people are not afraid to express diverse opinions if they feel comfortable in the work environment. We agree with it 100%.


"The Art of Storytelling with Data" by Laura Rogers

In today's data-driven world, the ability to communicate complex ideas through storytelling has become an essential skill for professionals in all fields. And this talk taught us how to use data and effectively communicate complex ideas in an engaging way.


"When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do: Making Technology-Business Communication Easier and Understandable" by Aneta Legenza

The speaker highlighted a crucial aspect of communication – empathy. You need to know your audience: the background, expertise, and perspectives of your business stakeholders. Also, she recommended using plain language to focus on the business value and impact of technology.

The key takeaways

Uplifting interactions and thought-provoking speeches took place throughout both days of the Women in Tech Summit. We have selected the key insights and ideas to share with you:

  • In our communications, it’s important to focus on personal achievements and equality instead of emphasizing gender differences or creating an opposition between men and women.
  • You need to seek space for your own development in order to grow and not always limit yourself to one sphere.” – this is another idea drawn from Fumnilola’s speech that we keep in mind.
  • Don’t forget about equality without any boundaries. The theme of women and diversity is often misconceived due to the confusion between being “against men” and being “in support of women.” 
  • You shouldn’t wait until you are ready. According to the firsthand experience shared by Cisco’s SVP of Security Engineering, being ready doesn’t mean you should have already done it.
  • Asking for help takes tremendous courage. When you ask for help as a woman, people may think you’re not confident enough. Be confident – ask for help.
  • Brilliant leaders do not have brilliant answers, they ask great questions.

The event also placed significant emphasis on supporting the courageous women of Ukraine and our struggle for independence. It raised awareness about women in war, in the military, and those who are displaced and seeking their place in society abroad. 

Insights from Avenga’s attendees

We are proud of our incredible women. In our company, we support women in every possible way, fostering a safe and empowering environment for their development and growth. 

Anna Kernytska

Project Manager

These were not just women's stories, you could see yourself in many aspects: how people get afraid, how they make decisions, how they grow, how they deal with mistakes, and succeed. You see that people in front of you are just like you. It was incredibly inspiring.

Iryna Syvorko

Senior Project Manager

This conference was about diversity in every sense of the word: gender, orientation, race. I was impressed by how they fully support diversity in all aspects. Of course, it was also an excellent opportunity to meet up with colleagues I hadn't seen for a long time and talk about everything around us.

Lesya Kleputs

Project Management Office Director

People passionate about the topic, keen on networking and going beyond the everyday routine, gathered here. For me, as a manager, this event was valuable in the way of changing the environment, stepping out of the office, gaining networking experience, and getting inspired by that vibrant atmosphere.

Mariana Kolyada

Business Transformation Director

There was a chance to communicate with women working in the industry, including not only tech professionals but also those in managerial roles. For sure, this event is worth attending to see the benchmark of building equality at all levels of business.

ganna gorishna

Ganna Gorishna

Project Coordinator

The event is not only about breaking stereotypes of where a woman can be but also about creating new role models. And, of course, it's important to mention the tremendous support of Ukrainians and our ongoing struggle for independence.

khrystyna potopliak

Khrystyna Potopliak

Senior Project Manager

Seeing the students at the event, my younger self realized how grateful I would have been to all these experienced women as role models around me. This is a powerful platform to mentor the new generation of women entering the technology field, allowing us to envision the future we can build together.

This conference enabled us to connect with the women’s community in the tech industry. We are happy to have a fruitful partnership with Women in Tech Ukraine, granting us this great opportunity to attend Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2023.

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