New subsidiary: Avenga expands to Portugal

New subsidiary:
Avenga expands
to Portugal

Avenga in Porto

Avenga, a global engineering and IT consulting platform, is opening a new delivery office in Porto. By the end of the year, at least 50 employees are to work in Portugal’s second-largest city to help the digital transformation technology group satisfy steadily growing demands, especially from its European and North American clients. The geographical expansion to yet another country shows that Avenga’s long-term strategy to shake up the traditional IT market and establish itself as one of the top players is working.

Factors such as availability, maturity of resources, political stability, and the general business environment have positioned Portugal as one of the best locations for technology-based service providers in many independent studies over the years. On top, the presence of the internationally recognized annual Web Summit has created even more interest in the country as a tech hub, and nowadays, some of the biggest and most famous IT companies have offices there. Porto, in particular, is known for its vibrant tech scene with lots of startups, development labs, and a vast amount of highly skilled professionals.

“Portugal early on embraced digitization and made it a governmental priority. The results are on display, for example, in a modern and efficient bureaucracy, state-of-the-art IT education programs, and a highly qualified workforce. Since we are planning to grow substantially in Porto’s metropolitan area to scale our offerings on the global market even faster, we are looking forward to collaborating closely with the city’s universities. As everywhere we are and go, we want to invest in talent and bring an already strong engineering culture to the next level”, says Jan Webering, CEO of Avenga.

His company is known as an experienced and reliable business partner with deep industry knowledge, especially in pharma, advanced manufacturing, and insurance and finance. Avenga’s 4.000 specialists operate worldwide and support global corporations and large and medium-sized companies in their digital transformation with projects along the entire digital value chain – from digital strategy to the implementation of software, user experience, and IT solutions, including hosting and operations. The IT service provider has many world-renowned organizations among its clients, for instance, ABB, Allianz, Boehringer Ingelheim, Credit Suisse, GSK, and Santander.

For more information, please get in touch with Avenga’s Head of Global Communications Nicolas Meudt.

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