Senior Data Science Engineer

Senior Data Science Engineer

Europe, Remote

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Avenga is looking for a progressive Senior Data Science Engineer. As a member of highly qualified professionals you will update training pipelines to exploit multiple GPUs and potentially TPUs to accelerate model training. This would be deployed on GCP using Tensorflow. You will explore different techniques for generating synthetic data to improve model performance as well as the effects of varying different hyperparameters used for data generation and model architecture.

Einstiegslevel: Senior

Art der Zusammenarbeit: Vollzeit

Technologie-Stack: C++, GCP, Tensor Flow, CUDA.

What you bring along:

  • 4+ years of experience with Data Science; 
  • Good understanding of ML pipelines;
  • Hand-on experience with TensorFlow;
  • Experience of deploying ML models to GCP;
  • Knowledge of SoTA DL architectures;
  • Experience with CUDA;
  • Ability to work due to Pacific Time Zone;
  • English – Upper-Intermediate or higher.

Nice to have:

  • Previous working experience with Web UI development will be a plus.

This is your mission:

  • Contribute to the development of the POC projects;
  • Develop POCs using TensorFlow, deploy them on the physical hardware and deploy on GCP;
  • Continually research and evaluate state-of-the-art methods, technologies, and applications, seek out opportunities to apply them;
  • Assess the effectiveness of different techniques to improve model performance;
  • Build and validate new models;
  • Ability to find optimal ways to solve problems;
  • Results orientation and teamwork.

Your benefits:

  • Our employees get regular performance and salary reviews;
  • Everyone at Avenga is subject to professional growth via our mentorship program;
  • The company provides extended training and certification opportunities;
  • We foster professional freedom by offering free-of-charge English and Spanish courses from A1 to C2;
  • Avenga cares for its employees, you will be fully supported by our HR Partners;
  • We offer an attractive Referral bonus program;
  • At our team, everyone carefully tracks their own work-life balance, for this reason, we provide 21 days per year of unpaid time offs.


Yana Boiko



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