DevOps Engineer

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DevOps Engineer



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    • Maintain project software code and configuration
    • Create and maintain project Infrastructure as a Code (IaC)
    • Create and maintain project CI/CD pipelines for testing, building and deploying software and infrastructure
    • Create and maintain container-based software solutions (Docker, Kubernetes)
    • Create and maintain system logging, alerting and security monitoring
    • Work in projects during development and in maintenance phase
    • Focus on tasks automation, problem-solving, IT security and solution quality
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    Skills & Qualifications

    • Version control systems (preferred Git)
    • Infrastructure as a Code (Terraform, Azure ARM, CloudFormation)
    • CI/CD automation suites (Bamboo, GitLab, Azure DevOps, Jenkins and other)
    • Creating automation scripts (bash, PowerShell, Python)
    • Automating software testing (both on unit test level, integration level and performance/load testing level)
    • Major cloud providers (preferred Azure and/or AWS), on IaaS and PaaS levels
    • Docker and Kubernetes-based solutions
    • System monitoring and logging solutions (such as AWS CloudWatch/CloudTrail, Azure Log Analytics/Security center, Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios, ELK stack and other)
    • Knowledge of one, higher-level programming languages is a plus (Python, Java .NET languages, JavaScript and other)
    • Understanding modern architecture and DevOps concepts such as microservices, serverless, cloud native, DevSecOps, GitOps
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    Your benefits

    • Ongoing development of professional qualifications
    • Stable employment and professional work environment
    • Diversified range of implemented projects
    • Genuine influence on career management
    • Team that respects your opinion
    • Private healthcare and sport packages
    • Team-building activities and sports events