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Conversational AI, NLP, NLU


UMA is a conversational AI consulting and development company providing smart integration and simplified intelligence in the vastly complex AI and IoT market.


The client partnered with Avenga seeking the support of a tech-savvy professional team to scale and deliver their product UMA across enterprises. UMA is a privacy-first digital assistant for enterprises that improves office productivity with AI and business intelligence. The client needed:

  • scalability, the UMA application was needed to run on tablets in addition to smartphones as a display both inside and outside meeting rooms for better productivity;
  • a trusted partner demonstrating technical capabilities and expertise crucial to their development requirements;
  • speed to market, augmenting the in-house team with relevant skills to ensure the flawless launch of UMA products.


UMA Book

UMA Book is designed to improve the meeting culture of organizations by providing a privacy-first digital assistant for enterprises that interlinks business applications into one place and improves productivity using natural conversational AI. It integrates seamlessly with Office365 and is available on mobile apps and in business chat services such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace by Facebook, and Webex Teams.

UMA Sense

UMA Sense is a privacy-first IoT sensor technology that enables businesses to manage and monitor occupancy in the workplace and other public spaces. Originally designed to measure and control metrics like temperature, electricity usage, air quality, parking, or eclectic charging availability, the module has been adapted to help manage a safe return to work during the pandemic.

UMA Vision

UMA Vision is a central hub that allows companies to monitor and manage all the technology and devices throughout the workplace – from sensors to audio and visual equipment to building occupancy and space utilization. UMA Vision provides a Business Intelligence dashboard that comes as standard for UMA Book and UMA Sense customers.

“Startups that don’t engage with an experienced technology partner to help them plan and build out a robust solution architecture that is scalable, are setting themselves up to fail.”

Gavin Fletcher, Chief Marketing Officer at UMA.


Avenga helped UMA to put innovation into a real-world secure solution for sustainable business.

Our team co-developed a digital assistant for enterprises to smartly orchestrate meeting space usage through O365 and G-Suite plug-ins combined with sensor technology to provide business intelligence for actionable insight.

The solution connects all business apps to one user-friendly interface and reshapes the meeting routines using natural conversational AI voice control. Available for Android or iOS devices, the native mobile application with intuitive chat and voice functions creates an even better user experience making it easy to perform tasks wherever you are.

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