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Ayasdi provides revolutionary machine intelligence software that can process large amounts of complex data and help extract actionable insights.

It works with leading companies worldwide, including those from Fortune 500. It allows them to move from massive data to impactful solutions with the help of topological data analysis, automation, and machine learning.

Ayasdi reached out to Avenga to develop an application tailored specifically to the needs of financial analysts that could be integrated into the technical infrastructures of an enterprise. The idea was to launch a tool that, through Ayasdi’s predictive modeling, could help identify transactional frauds better, simplify trading decision-making, and solve major problems businesses face.

There are a few things that really caught my attention. They are very good communicators, which is absolutely a must, especially if you’re not in the same building, let alone in different time zones. If they’re facing an issue in a design area, they will have a very well-written JIRA ticket with concise information. It’s very natural and straightforward to understand what they want and to then respond.

Ronaldo Ama
EVP Product and Engineering, Ayasdi

Ayasdi: Machine Learning


Avenga’s team was hired to build, test, and implement Modeler – an application that connects the Ayasdi machine intelligence platform with end users and is easily installable on enterprises’ infrastructures.

Integrating the app with Ayasdi’s internal services and establishing a Single Sign On connection with their existing Workbench platform was especially challenging due to Ayasdi’s unique infrastructure.

However, the result – the functional application – turned out to be of immense value to financial analysts; it visualizes data, which has been processed by Ayasdi algorithms and makes it much easier to comprehend.

Ayasdi: Machine Learning



Engineered from scratch the Modeler application, designed and implemented its simple yet efficient interface, and established continuous integrations with the Ayasdi platform.


Developed Modeler’s pre-processing functionality that turns raw data entered by users into an input appropriate for Ayasdi’s algorithms.


Added to the platform is a tool that enables custom, feature-based modeling and thus helps data scientists build predictions based on the criteria that’s important to them specifically.

Workflow management

Implemented semi-automatic modeling and workflow management features that allow users to manage/transform data, select features, and build/review models.


Added a data post-processing tool to Modeler. It allows users to compare their Ayasdi-generated predictive models with the control data.


After delivering all the solutions, Ayasdi received the following:

  • robust and efficient analysis algorithms that help Ayasdi users understand their clients’ values deeply and, consequently, provide more personalized offers;
  • a tool for quick and custom data modeling that allows firms to assess financial risks better, prevent frauds, etc;
  • built-in, detailed reporting that makes vast amounts of data easy to interpret;
  • easy access to machine intelligence software that helps build holistic customers’ profiles based on subtle behavioral clues.
Ayasdi: Machine Learning

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