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HDI: Complex Insurance


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HDI stands for insurance and pension solutions in life, property, and casualty insurance. Along with its industry solutions and modular insurance packages, HDI offers comprehensive coverage for small and medium-sized companies in the retail, service, and trade sectors. HDI companies can rely on more than 110 years of insurance experience. Independent insurance brokers and HDI-owned exclusive distribution with around 1,100 brokers and 39 branches offer nationwide access to HDI’s services.

HDI: Complex Insurance


But of course, insurance coverage can also be completed online – with or without the assistance of a broker. Since 2016, Avenga has helped HDI to make contracting complex insurance products uncomplicated for business customers. As part of the “Firmen Digital” project, we have completely digitized the finalization process for commercial insurance – from the online application to the completed policy. This system also supports brokers in their daily business.

HDI: Complex Insurance



The user-friendly finalization process guides customers through consultation and application procedures. Depending on the sector and input, the system reacts in real-time with the appropriate queries and options. Coverage gaps are calculated automatically, and over-insurance is avoided. These intelligent dynamics and additional explanatory texts assist in choosing the right insurance cover.


By means of a database query at the start of the configuration, the exact industry affiliation can be determined merely through the company name, thanks to the blackbox processing in the background. Subsequently, just a few entries give a company comprehensive insurance. At the end of the process, the customer receives the consultancy protocol in compliance with the IDD standard and an immediate copy of the completed policy.


Medium-sized companies, brokers, and HDI’s exclusive customers benefit from the clear user interface with intelligently designed steps. With several individual policies and a combined product of up to six protection services, Firmen Digital offers its customers industry-specific solutions. Firmen Digital is constantly expanding with individual offers for various industries.


Firmen Digital integrates the relevant rating data via Avenga’s own technology from existing HDI IT systems which do not need to be changed for this purpose. This allows a flexible “frontend” for the end user. Simultaneously, the long-term orientated and security-based backend continues to exist. This allows HDI to agilely develop the online portal and quickly adapt it to new customer requirements and technologies. By contrast, the basic technology in the background remains plannable for years to come.


As a result of partnering with Avenga, HDI received a solution that made complex insurance uncomplicated for its clients. Our expert teams digitalized the entire finalization process for commercial insurance. Firmen Digital project was a success, the one that provided brokers with support during their daily processes.

HDI: Complex Insurance

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