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Opel is one of Europe’s largest car manufacturers. It was founded in 1862 by car pioneer Adam Opel in Rüsselsheim and has, ever since then, had its headquarters at this traditional Hessian site. Opel’s brand promise, “The future belongs to everyone”, is targeted not only at the vehicles, but also includes the digital services that Opel offers its customers.

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Since 2009, we have supported Opel with mobile websites and apps, fully responsive and standalone applications. Our approach combines design thinking, proof of concept, pilot projects, and series development. In close cooperation with Opel, we test our solutions in rapid, iterative tests up to the finished product. From a broader perspective, the project entailed frontend development for Opel, Vauxhall and 26 markets.

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We have developed a sync system that allows Opel to maintain content centrally with minimal administrative effort. For example, vehicle colors or special rims can be rolled out in selected country markets and offered directly to end customers online.

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The new Opel Configurator meets the requirements of more than 25 markets. For the relaunch of the Opel VC (Vehicle Configurator), we developed a responsive user interface based on a Java backend. This upgrade replaced the previous configurator within three months in all the markets. As a result, the performance increased by 30 percent, and the abandonment rate fell by 15 percent.


We have also extended the configurator for special point-of-sale applications. The configuration of a new Opel car operates on an iPad. The visualization of the configured vehicle, however, is displayed on a TV or a large screen.


With our own XSLT parsing technology, we have solved the challenge of quickly and easily rolling out content for the mobile website opel.mobi, across all markets. Additional pages and campaigns can be displayed via a CMS for each market. Our solutions for opel.mobi thus support Opel marketing and at the same time, take the pressure off corporate IT. Another core feature: the mobile availability of rescue data sheets to support rescue workers in action..


When partnering with Avenga, Opel received various tangible benefits. Our expert teams delivered a number of responsive, intuitive, and standalone mobile websites along with apps. These helped Opel provide its customers with a better user experience and ensure the best quality of services. When delivering the solution, Avenga offered rapid iterative testing for all products within all the stages of the development cycle.

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