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Cross-Border Delivery System






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APG eCommerce Solutions (APG), a subsidiary of Australia Post, is a global end-to-end logistics company whose mission is to deliver seamless online shopping experiences to people in all corners of the world.

The organization provides advanced, cross-border e-Commerce delivery solutions and has a strong presence in all major trade lanes (USA, Asia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, etc.) Its clients include some of the most renowned and biggest eCommerce merchants out there.

APG is focused, above all, on creating innovative tech and delivering world-class experiences to their clients. They hired Avenga, a seasoned software development vendor, to help them build a new, flexible, and robust logistics platform.

Cross-Border Delivery System


APG relied for a long time on a clunky and rigid core platform. As a result, their customer and carrier onboarding processes were extremely slow, and the platform didn’t give them enough technical capabilities to enhance and expand their existing services.

Therefore, they needed a modern and flexible core system comprised of several synchronized modules to help APG provide their clients with an unparalleled delivery experience.



Assessed and analyzed APG’s idea and defined the architecture needed for a scalable, comprehensive, and highly flexible system that would enable APG to transform and optimize its business processes, such as delivery tracking, carrier, and client onboarding..


Designed a comprehensive logistics platform that provides both APG and their clients with complete, end-to-end visibility and a convenient dashboard that allows for creating and managing different shipment contracts.


Engineered a microservices-based architecture that allows processing/saving/searching through vast amounts of data. The platform is based on the .NET Core and Azure technologies and uses ASP.NET Core Web API and Serverless Azure Functions. This stack makes the system easily scalable across APG’s entire network and capable of supporting all their worldwide operations.


Built an advanced coordination system in which the platform’s elements are communicated through Azure Event Grid. The data is stored in Azure SQL Databases, cached in Azure Redis Cache, and then indexed and made available for quick search via Elasticsearch.


Incorporated advanced security mechanisms into the platform that help protect clients’ data. The platform is ISO 27001 Certified.


Avenga-APG partnership brought forward the following results:

  • an advanced, customer-centric eCommerce delivery platform used by some of the biggest digital merchants out there, including Amazon;
  • best-in-class, rich shipping management functionality; advanced features that provide end-to-end proactive visibility and parcel delivery control;
  • thanks to the smart use of the cutting-edge platform and APG’s global presence, the company has become one the of leading suppliers of cross-border, e-commerce delivery solutions in the world.
Cross-Border Delivery System

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