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To grasp growth opportunities, today’s pharmaceutical companies have to face copious limitations, including stringent regulatory compliance and strict data security requirements. Therefore, the need for robust and scalable pharma software solutions capable of delivering the result in custom business contexts is rising. Excelling in custom software solutions, Avenga drives tangible outcomes for clinical research organizations (CROs), research institutions, and pharmacovigilance vendors, documented in our extensive portfolio of successfully delivered custom software solutions for biotech, pharma, and medical industry leaders.

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Generative AI as a game-changing tool for discoveries in life sciences

Generative AI is making big waves in life sciences. From drug development and disease modeling to laboratory automation and an omics realm, it creates a new paradigm of what is possible. While we only scratch the surface of the technology, opportunities for deployment seem limitless. Explore our whitepaper to discover what generative AI brings to the table in specific subfields of life sciences and how companies embed digital and AI into their competitive advantage.

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What we do

As a pharmaceutical software development company, we deliver custom-tailored solutions for those looking to reinvent patient care with the help of next-generation digital products. Our unique skills help pharmaceutical and life sciences companies optimize operations, enhance data management and analysis, streamline clinical trial processes, accelerate drug development lifecycle, and much more.

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Avenga delivers made-to-order telemedicine solutions focusing on advanced patient monitoring, consulting, and diagnosing. With our team of experts, you will save time, energy, and resources. Ultimately, it is all done to give your patients improved convenience and efficiency of services.

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Custom healthcare CRM

Patients are clients and that means you need to offer attractive high-quality services. Automate customer satisfaction by establishing an omnichannel customer service experience. A properly implemented CRM empowers organizations to eradicate inefficient pre-sales flows, supports new partner recruitment, and discovers quality opportunities for your business.

Healthcare data analytics

Custom software solutions for data analytics are invaluable in pharma and life sciences. You can be confident that Avenga will ensure the enormous amount of data you have is capitalized upon in order to meet your needs and the needs of your patients. Our team of experts uses data to bolster analytics, improve reporting capabilities, enhance the patient-doctor connection, and help establish a holistic approach to patient case management.

Custom software solutions for patient engagement and compliance

Avenga puts great emphasis on personalized and targeted interactions. They have proven to enhance patient recruitment and patient engagement. Besides, we always have rigorous security in mind to protect sensitive data and individuals’ medical records. Solutions we develop for our clients comply with health and pharma regulations and privacy standards like HIPAA, HITECH, and GDPR.

Health information management

We implement the industry’s best standards and practices to acquire, analyze, and protect medical information at the core of quality patient care. Combining science, business, and information technology, we can empower you to build an extensive set of interconnected tools, including EHR, EMR, HIS platforms, that reinvent data capturing, patient reporting, digital assets storage and governance.

Revenue cycle management

Streamline your revenue cycle management seamlessly with Avenga. We deliver meticulously made software solutions that help pharmaceutical businesses track, record, analyze, and refine their revenue streams to boost billing cycles and get actionable data into customer experience improvement opportunities.


Avenga builds pharmacovigilance software that promotes drug safety while bringing down operational costs. While complying with the strictest pharmaceutical regulations and legislation, the solutions we deliver work on next-gen AI-based tools like signal detection software, adverse event processing, and pharmacovigilance assessment.

Clinical trial management

Our team translates its deep industry expertise into secure and compliant preclinical and clinical trial management software. Accelerate your commercial drug development and regulatory processes with our custom-tailored precise drug simulation tools, seamless trial management and patient recruitment systems.

Laboratory information management

Avenga assists companies as they develop advanced laboratory information management systems (LIMS) to bolster their lab performance efficiency. Open to integrations, our solutions are built with a focus on effective sample management, workflow standardization, and lab-related process accuracy.

Drug commercialization

As a pharmaceutical development company, we help organizations streamline pharma marketing and adoption while adhering to pre-established specifications and compliance requirements. With our personalized software solutions, you can quickly identify relevant medicine, use data for better decision-making, define trend-based objectives, model the outcomes, and provide personalized customer experience.

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How we work

Cooperation with Avenga is simple and efficient. While we adapt our processes to the personalized needs of every client, every project is off to an established, time-proven, and transparent start. We begin with an in-depth scrutiny of your business needs that forms our ability to develop customized pharmaceutical software solutions.

Step 1

Write to us or book a meeting

We will respond within one working day and arrange a meeting with you at your earliest convenience.

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Step 2

Meet with our representative

An expert matching your market niche and industry will get in touch to discuss your requests and determine the next steps.

up to 7 working days
Step 3

Receive an offer

You will get a service suite offering, including time and cost estimates, for each of your project’s stages.

7+ working days
Step 4

Sign the contract

We start delivering the results while keeping you updated on the progress.

HIPAA compliance

Avenga is a HIPAA-compliant software company

Avenga designs, develops, launches, and maintains HIPAA-compliant software for pharma and life sciences companies.

ISO 27001 compliance

Ensure your software’s ISO 27001 compliance

We offer consulting and development services for pharma and life sciences companies that help achieve ISO 27001 compliance.

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance in software development

Our teams specialize in GDPR compliance, rendering your operations compliant with the EU data security requirements.

GxP compliance

Avenga follows GxP quality guidelines and regulations

We assist pharma and life sciences companies in meeting GxP requirements, including processes, and data integrity.

FDA software validation guidance

We lead in FDA software validation guidance

While helping companies achieve their business goals, our pharmaceutical software follows FDA software validation standards.

EU GMP Annex 11

Maintaining product quality with EU Annex 11

Digital transformation in pharma is called to improve the product or service quality. We ensure our adherence to this standard with EU GMP Annex 11.

CDISC compliance

Avenga takes care of CDISC standards implementation

Our experts will help you reach complete CDISC compliance to elevate the security and integrity of clinical and non-clinical research data.

HL7 FHIR integration

Seamless and efficient HL7 FHIR integration

Avenga supports its partners in safeguarding data exchange processes complying to the latest governmental regulatory compliance requirements.

ICH E2B compliance

Comprehensive ICH E2B compliance from the onset

We ensure drug development and pharmacovigilance operations safety with data granularity and high-quality Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSR).

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How we may help

We help pharma and life sciences companies seize growth opportunities, manage risk, and dodge threats with our ability to deliver truly custom pharmaceutical software solutions.

Reduce operational cost

with custom-tailored pharmacy management software and digitize all the business segments from R&D and clinical trials to commercialization, drug safety, and engagement.

Maximize data potential

to get actionable insights, accelerate processes, increase operational efficiency, personalize and optimize services and outperform competition in the pharmaceutical industry.

Automate processes

with our pharmaceutical software development experts to build efficient operational workflows, and thus reduce errors, improve consistency, eliminate delays and and increase accuracy.

Enhance decision making

by creating a collaborative digital environment where HCPs can cooperate, access data and coordinate efforts efficiently to make informed decisions and improve patient health outcomes.

Improve engagement

to gain an edge over competitors by engaging patients and HCPs better with advanced technological solutions that enable pharma and biotech organizations to win competition.

Embrace innovation

to accelerate time-to-market by innovating everything from requirement analysis to solution design to engineering, testing, deployment and maintenance of your software solutions.

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Industry technology focus


We possess extensive expertise in leveraging machine learning for pharmaceutical software development. By equipping healthcare organizations with AI capabilities, including speech-to-text recording and automatic imaging data analysis, we enable them to enhance predictive outcomes and optimize complex tasks in critical areas like precision medicine.

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We engineer advanced big data analytics tools for the pharmaceutical industry that enable signal detection for rare drug interactions and unforeseen adverse reactions. Our tools also help extract valuable insights from real-world evidence, improving our clients’ understanding of drug profiles and safety. Additionally, their advanced features can serve as the foundation for robust early warning systems, allowing for proactive and preventive interventions.

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Avenga develops comprehensive technology solutions that enable streamlined data handling for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and pharmaceutical technology organizations. These tools help elevate evidence-based decision-making, leading to significantly improved patient outcomes. Additionally, they enhance data accessibility, promoting efficient collaboration among pharma, biotech, healthcare professionals, and researchers.

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We assist organizations in leveraging automation to enhance various communication and interaction processes. By implementing automation solutions, pharma companies can achieve improved patient engagement, enhanced analysis and management of electronic health records (EHRs), and significantly elevated clinical decision support.

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Avenga as your pharma software development partner


Abundant experience

Avenga's professionals boast an impressive track record of delivering exceptional custom pharmaceutical software solutions and helping organizations in the pharmaceutical industry to embrace digital transformation quickly. With decades of experience working as a partner for renowned and innovative organizations in pharma and healthcare, we have developed and refined a set of processes to make the collaboration with each client as effective and transparent as possible.


Variety of services

While Avenga provides a range of distinct pharmaceutical software development services, we also understand the significance of flexibility in addressing the unique challenges faced by companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, before embarking on a project, we thoroughly research their processes, resources, infrastructure, digital maturity, and other critical factors. This allows us to tailor our engineering approach to maximize the benefits for each individual client.


Dedication to security

At Avenga, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to establishing robust security mechanisms within every pharmaceutical software project we undertake. We not only aim to empower pharma, life sciences, biotech companies to streamline processes and optimize costs but also build advanced and convenient software tools that can help them effectively address all types of security threats while ensuring strict compliance with the pharmaceutical industry regulations.


Global reach

A reliable tech partner to organizations across the globe, Avenga is a seasoned, reputable, highly-experienced and successful international software development company. With a vast workforce and delivery centers all across the globe, we prioritize convenience and efficiency in collaboration with every client, regardless of their location. While excelling in self-management, we also guarantee transparency in all processes, effective communication, and easily trackable progress.


True transformation

When it comes to pharmaceutical software development, Avenga goes beyond traditional engineering services. We assist organizations in achieving true technical transformation that can span every facet of their activities and lead to them achieving high-value business outcomes fast. This means our experts are skilled in providing guidance for infrastructure change implementation, helping procure resources, and advising clients on how to carry out cultural and processual shifts to enable agile transformation.


Full customization

While pre-packaged software may provide a solution to a certain issue, it can rarely cover a few of your requirements at once. Most organizations need tailored software platforms to effectively address their business challenges and we are highly experienced in designing, engineering, implementing, launching, and enhancing solutions with highly customized features. With these powerful tools, we empower our clients to significantly elevate outcomes in the fields of pharma, life sciences, biotech, and healthcare.


Something’s unclear?

Frequently Asked Questions

As a pharma software development partner, Avenga delivers made-to-order telemedicine solutions grounded in advanced patient monitoring, consulting, and diagnostics. If a business looks to develop a telemedicine app, we help make it with time and resources saved. As a result, our clients receive top-notch products that offer their patients highly-convenient and efficient services.

In a nutshell, a custom healthcare CRM solution can elevate a life sciences company so as to reach ingenious levels of customer satisfaction by automating omnichannel customer services. Within such a sequence, Avenga is there to guide you in achieving that, while ensuring your CRM platform is up-and-running and bringing value all the time.

In short, Avenga builds custom pharmaceutical software solutions that streamline the process of ordering, selling, warehousing, and shipping pharma and life science products. What is more, we ensure you have all the financial processes required to effectively run and manage administrative and clinical functions related to payment, processing, and revenue generation. In other words, our software ensures that your revenue cycle management is flawless.

With its broad portfolio of services, Avenga delivers pharmacovigilance software empowering pharma companies to build fast and safe drug-related solutions, as well as improve the quality of clinical trials. Our team of experts ensures that your operational costs are driven down by automation. Additionally, we make sure our products and your solutions are compliant with the strictest pharmacovigilance regulations.

The benefits are manifold. AI has the potential to completely reshape and expedite various drug discovery and development processes. For instance, advanced predictive algorithms can empower organizations to maximize the value of existing and new data by automating the screening of large databases of chemical compounds. This enables rapid evaluation of their properties to predict efficacy and safety profiles. By accelerating the assessment of potential drug candidates, pharmaceutical organizations can not only expedite the discovery process but also enhance the quality of drugs, ensuring their safety and effectiveness. Furthermore, ML and AI techniques have the capacity to reduce costs associated with discovery and clinical analysis, while also analyzing drug properties to identify opportunities for successful enhancement and repurposing.

Yes, we engineer a wide range of data management solutions that enable pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotech organizations to streamline the collection, storage, and analysis of vast amounts of data. These tools also facilitate prompt access to relevant data, expediting the identification of critical information and accelerating research-related decision-making processes. Additionally, we offer features and tools that enhance data management practices, reducing errors, improving data accuracy, and ensuring complete data consistency. Our aim is to help you enhance drug discovery, improve data management practices, and ultimately achieve better patient health outcomes.

Injecting AI capabilities into a pharma software solution provides significant benefits for the organizations in the pharmaceutical industry and life sciences. In particular, enhanced diagnostic capabilities, automation and optimization of tedious administrative processes, proactive interaction enablement, and cost savings are consistently cited by our clients as the primary advantages. Besides that, the usually time-consuming data collection processing (be it research data, administrative data, etc.) can become vastly easier and faster too, if AI tools are applied properly to data entry, report generation, and documentation tasks.

In addition to our work with companies in the pharmaceutical industry, life sciences, and biotech sectors, we have extensive experience collaborating with healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, and medical software companies, among others. As previously mentioned, we approach each project as unique and are committed to providing the necessary skills and expertise to ensure successful completion, regardless of the industry vertical. Through our involvement in various healthcare, pharma, life sciences, and biotech subsectors, we have developed a deep understanding of the intricacies and complexities specific to each, enabling us to deliver a comprehensive and tailored approach to every project.



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