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Our Expertise

Precisely matching technology to the needs of your business is our core expertise. We crafted Avenga's suite of services to be flexible and responsive. Our entire focus is delivering fast, impactful results to your digital initiatives.

Applying Technology to Business With a Customer Focus

Market-savvy companies adopt digital solutions to increase customer loyalty and insights, increase revenue and margins, and to rapidly adjust to ever-changing market realities.

  • Users of digital are demanding and finicky. Solutions must be delivered to me NOW. Solutions must be intuitive; if I have to think I won’t use it (sigh.) You MUST deliver it to the platform of my choice. These preconditions place incredible strains business unit owners and the IT professionals supporting them.

  • Avenga’s clients count on us from business justification, to user journey definition, rapid prototyping, development and through ongoing solution evolution. Avenga designers team technical members throughout the development effort to ensure what was conceived is delivered, delivered on time and within budget, and to mitigate risk.


We understand your requirements and those of your customers. In this way, we develop tailor-made and industry-specific solutions that enable your company to benefit from the latest technology.

  • Cloud services

    Unlock the cloud opportunities for your successful digital transformation. The Avenga team can guide you through your cloud journey - from a strategic vision to industry-level solution architecture design and migration plan to custom cloud-agnostic and cloud-native solutions tailored to your business needs.

  • AI / ML services

    Our AI / ML services let you dip into the future at the forefront of innovation and new technologies. From concept to implementation: we find the potential for automating your business and enable you to utilize it to maximum effect.

  • Salesforce services

    We help clients translate Salesforce® investment into quality deployment and timely project implementation. Clients trust us for a valuable experience across a variety of Salesforce products and services.

  • AR / VR development

    Excite customers with fresh experiences in user interfaces, using augmented reality and virtual reality. Whether for educational or promotional purposes, our tailor-made solutions in AR / VR development are designed to offer the best user experience.

  • Business intelligence solutions

    Avenga can help your business capitalize on the power of data analytics and reach your strategic goals with business intelligence (BI) services including strategy optimization and forecasting, performance research and trends exploration, budget projection and financial planning, customer analytics and advanced reporting, etc.

  • CMS software

    Driving your content marketing and customer experience, we provide you with the CMS software that fits you best. This includes utilizing cloud services and headless CMS solutions to gain independence from infrastructural needs.

  • Custom CRM software development

    We deliver scalable CRM software solutions for our clients to realize their strategic business goals with functional customer insights and analytics, as well as streamline organizations’ productivity and overall efficiency processes.

  • Data science services

    Our experts in data science services identify the data to be assessed and analyze it precisely. This clear analysis helps you to optimize your services and products. At the same time, you understand your customers better and open up new target groups.

  • Data Services

    As a data services company, Avenga can assist you with business solutions for enterprises, like exploratory data analysis, database management, building prediction models, creation of complete decision support systems, data-driven products and much more, including comprehensive research and finding the right technology to power it all.

  • DevOps services

    Based on our own knowledge and experience, we offer DevOps services that implement continuous integration and delivery into your development process. This drives faster release cycles while also optimizing for quality.

  • Digital platforms development

    We offer digital platform development that combines all state-of-the-art services and methods in one solution. This allows for agile and non-agile teams to work together, sustaining system stability while enabling fast frontend development.

  • Enterprise application development

    From mobile app to digital platform, our experts in enterprise application development help transform your business. Honed by years of experience and thousands of customer projects, our aim is to make your solution a success.

  • Face recognition solutions

    Gain insights from and utilize facial expressions by implementing our facial recognition solutions. This provides you with smart and efficient means to enhance the accessibility and ease-of-use of your user interfaces.

  • Intranet solutions

    Our stable and secure intranet solutions let colleagues share knowledge and experience, and collaborate across different locations. This brings your company together and eases the introduction of new members, driving participation and growth.

  • IoT applications

    We design, develop, and implement IoT applications that focus on customer needs and expectations. Also, we’re combining different technology in consistent cross-platform frontends for all devices.

  • Microservices solutions

    Our microservices solutions enable agile development for projects that are easier to maintain and scale. From Kubernetes clusters to individual Docker containers we help you develop an architecture that boosts your development performance.

  • Mobile app development

    We are a team of product strategists, designers and engineers delivering not just mobile application development but rather supporting growth of the world’s biggest brands. We transform businesses through strategy, design and development creating new user experiences from vision to reality.

  • Quality assurance & testing services

    We ensure quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC) and testing play in tune with the concept of business success of your company. Our expertise in assuring quality is continuously developing, we adopt new tools, validate approaches to meet industry and market needs to deliver seamless UX, scale business, reduce products’ time-to-market, ensure software compliance and optimize your technology investment.

  • UI pattern libraries

    Optimize the communication and collaborative efforts of your development and design teams by implementing pattern libraries. We share our knowledge and experience in modularizing frontends to maximize the speed of development cycles.


We develop solutions that are fully integrated into your existing infrastructure. We rely on well proven software and services.

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Technologies / Our Stack / Tech Expertise

We plan and work technologically agnostic. For each project we choose a proven as well as suitable, tech stack. This is how we achieve fast results in implementation processes.

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