Transparent governance



We embody our values through transparent policies and defined procedures.

Our governance goals

We believe that transparency is the base for economic success. Fairness, equality and reliability originate here. Soon, we will release our Business Operations Manual (BOM) to ensure a structure that backs transparency throughout all company layers and departments.

Safe and healthy workplace

Remote work policy, reduced working mode in 19 Avenga offices, health & safety policy throughout all our offices.

United Nations Global Compact membership

Join UN Global Compact initiative to implement universal
sustainability principles and goals.

Sustainability report

Avenga sustainability report will be released yearly.

Program highlights


Transparent governance policies

Avenga Governance is reflected in our Business Operations Manual (BOM). It combines company strategy and values, as well as a set of programs, policies and procedures, that are officially defined within the company, to help employees understand how to operate and embrace their roles in the greater global community.


Programs and procedures

According to our Business Operations Manual (BOM), the governance factors at Avenga measure the quality and robustness of our company’s internal structure and practices, its consideration for shareholder rights, as well as its accountability and wider transparency framework.


Diversity, equality & inclusion

We maintain a fair environment for all people and value diversity, equality and inclusion, which are reflected in our policies and Business Operations Manual (BOM). We are committed to equal opportunity employment and demonstrate respect for cultural diversity, values, gender equality, age and personal choices.