Serving the Community

Serving the community

We strive to make a measurable impact by engaging our people, partners and clients in philanthropic commitments and serving the community as part of our company values.

Engaging beyond company boundaries

Entrepreneurial success also means engaging beyond company boundaries and assuming social responsibility. This is why we support various initiatives whose missions are close to our hearts. We already support a few such programs, e.g., Made by Dyslexia, StraßenKinder e.V. and Frauenhäuser Köln, Hebron IT Academy, Run for a Cause, Hour of Code, Women of Fortune, and University programs.

Our employees mentor students, specifically underprivileged children, as we understand the next generation needs to have the necessary skills to keep up with new technology surges.

We give time, skills and funds to charities, orphanages and nonprofits, be it donated items, helping women and their children affected by domestic violence, fundraising, Decembeard, Run for a Cause or blood donations, etc.

Our people support senior citizens in many ways, be it volunteering at care homes or contributing to organizations that make a difference in the lives of older people.


A day to give back

We are now expanding our efforts to help communities by offering our employees the opportunity to support self-chosen programs. Also, as an option, we are creating a list with community engagement initiatives within the company that could make 11,670 hours of serving a community a year.

Our employees have a possibility to pick any initiative they would like to support. Any activity supporting the community is welcome, be it mentoring, volunteering with the underprivileged, or contributing to care organizations, etc. Educational programs are our special focus, as we understand the need for the next generation to participate in society through the access to decent education.