Social responsibility

We give back to society through caring for our people and communities.

Our social goals

Social sustainability in Avenga means giving back to society through caring for our people and communities. We believe that world-changing initiatives begin with happy people. That is why we make sure that our employees enjoy decent benefits, perks and a healthy working environment.

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One day to give back

A paid working day granted to volunteer in the community.

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Social factors

Avenga’s strategy for happy employees includes investment in employee support, engagement, enablement and workplace culture.

Program highlights

Serving the community

We are widening our engagement into the community to further involve our employees, partners and clients in philanthropic commitments. Our people will be granted 1 additional paid working day a year to contribute their time to community engagements, that totals 11,670 hours of community service a year.


Employee satisfaction

Our current numbers: Diversity ratio: 30% female vs 70% male; Employee satisfaction rate 89%; and Retention rate 83%Avenga aims to go above industry standards, so we focus on building a sustainable fair environment for all people. This includes mentorship and advanced professional development, flexible time off and scheduling policies, financial wellness and saving plans, recognition programs, corporate events, etc.

Startup companion program

We are setting up a cooperation program with a startup incubator in Berlin which connects and educates innovators in healthcare, in Europe. Avenga technology and business mentors will support startups with pro bono guidance, strategy, tech, and marketing consultancy.

Buy local and support fair trade

We seek to create social change through supporting local producers, fair pricing, and certified goods which in turn promote economic justice, social cohesion and environmental sustainability.

Starting in 2020 we will work with local suppliers and use only fair-trade certified goods.