AI-driven Web Accessibility Solution for

AI-driven Web Accessibility Solution for

We believe in technology serving society

As a sustainable business, we care to contribute to web accessibility and ensure a perfect user experience for everyone. Web accessibility is a set of standards and guidelines that allows people with disabilities to use websites effectively and in a comfortable way. Avenga partnered with accessiBe, an innovation company that designed an AI-driven tool for web accessibility and implemented this solution on

Accessibility for Avenga website

accessiBe adapts websites for user needs of people with visual, hearing and motor impairments, as well as other functional disabilities. An AI-based tool scans websites and automatically provides key modifications to transmit data and accessible content to end-users. This fully automated compliance solution makes Avenga’s website compliant with the entire Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1(WCAG), ADA, Section 508, other worldwide legislation, and major data protection regulations, including GDPR and CCPA.

We care to make the web comfortable for everyone and to create enjoyable and secure user experiences. Join this web accessibility project with your website, get accessiBe tool here: