Avenga projects
for social good

Driven by the commitment and enthusiasm of our people, we initiate and support social sustainability projects. By realizing the impact of business on social welfare, we strive to produce positive change in the communities where we live and work.



Stanford Distributed Computing Project

Folding@home is a distributed computing project to perform biomedical research using the computing power of volunteers. The initiative brings together volunteers who donate their personal computational resources for the researchers and scientists to process new data that helps to develop life-saving drugs. We joined the project and set up a folding@home lab from our spare Avenga hardware, which is 100% dedicated to folding.



United for Health

United for Health is an emergency project with a mission to raise funds for 100,000 express tests to make mass coronavirus testing possible. The next step of the project is funding critical medical equipment for hospitals. It is launched by the local Lviv IT Cluster, a community of IT companies and local authorities. Avenga Ukraine, as a member of Lviv IT Cluster, is participating in the initiative and, together with other companies contributing to the campaign, we have raised over $100 000 already.



Medical 3D Printing

Avenga people joined the initiatives supporting hospitals with the 3D printed medical equipment. We started producing adapters developed by Mawi Pipeline that allows using a single assisted mechanical ventilation device for several patients simultaneously. Under the threat of COVID-19, medical centers are in desperate need of such equipment. Also, we support the Provincial Hospital St. Padre Pio in Przemysl with 3D printed visors for medical personnel.



Data Science to fight COVID-19

Data Science communities all over the globe work together to analyze the current COVID-19 situation and to offer some fact-based answers. Avenga Data Science Team joined the Roche UNCOVER Kaggle competition to analyze a collection of global datasets and model solutions for key pressing questions. Explore the project details on our GitHub repository or enjoy insights from our experts.


Support of Medical Centers and Hospitals

We believe that actions speak louder than words. Every contribution to those in need counts, especially in the modern unprecedent situation. We, as a multinational team put our company’s values into action by supporting and initiating local projects for medical centers and hospitals. We are proud to cooperate with life-saving initiatives to make a difference and to invest in the medical industry.




AI-driven Web Accessibility Solution for

We partnered with accessiBe company to ensure web accessibility for everyone. We, at Avenga, contribute to promoting inclusion by ensuring a better user experience through means of improved web accessibility for every single user. We use the accessiBe tool on to adapt our website content for all types of user needs, including physically challenged people.


Accessibility for Avenga website


Blood Donation App

Blood donations save lives and because we care, we want to make this easier with technologies. Our team developed a free mobile app Bank Krwi which assists blood donors in Poland. With this app, people can check for the need for blood units in the blood banks.


#Community Development


Support of Women in IT

Diversity is incorporated into Avenga’s business strategy as a part of our company culture. We promote inclusion and diversity in leadership and encourage women inside the company and throughout the IT industry. Avenga team takes part in mentoring programs, gives motivational speeches supporting female leadership. We are proud to have ambassadors of the global Women in Tech initiatives onboard.




Made by Dyslexia

The global initiative Made by Dyslexia helps children with dyslexia to realize their full potential. This charity organization is led by successful dyslexics and works together with experts and psychologists. Did you know that people with dyslexia think outside of the box, see connections and understand change more intuitively? We support Made by Dyslexia and join together with all their creative minds.



Helping Street Children

The Berlin-based association StraßenKinder e.V. helps socially disadvantaged children to integrate into the community through educational opportunities, psychological support, and professional counseling. Through its numerous educational and promotional offers, the organization makes it possible for these children to find their place in society. We believe everyone deserves the chance of a good education and we support the StraßenKinder e.V. initiative.




Educational Charity Organization

The Hebron IT Academy offers free education for underprivileged and socially disadvantaged youth. We are proud to sponsor scholarship programs and provide students with devices, educational materials, etc. for their comfort, well-being and education. This initiative has proved to work exceptionally well and three (3) graduates from the Academy have already joined our Avenga Ukraine team.



AI Tool for Typing Assistance

Avenga data scientists, together with a team of students and researchers, have created a KeyAccess project. It’s a typing assistance tool that helps people with movement disorders so they can type more comfortably. KeyAccess won 2nd place in the Microsoft competition. The main goal of the competition was to solve education issues with the help of AI.





Charity & Volunteering

We fully comprehend the importance of being a part of the world beyond our business. This means volunteering, taking part in pro-bono activities and supporting non-profit organizations and charity initiatives.


child with colourful hand