We care about the Earth and take actions to preserve it for future generations.

Our environmental goals

To counteract the biggest driver of the climate crisis, we are, above all, striving towards one thing: becoming CO2 neutral. And because we know that emissions are not everything, we will continue to support a plethora of other environmental projects, both locally and globally.

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Fly 15% less

Upgraded travel policies.
Conferencing system instead of face-to-face.

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Fly CO2 neutral

Plan to compensate for CO2 emissions for all 2020 flights.

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Avenga green office behavior

Green behaviour practices throughout 19 global offices.

Program highlights

How to fly CO2 neutral in 2020.

We will buy out all the CO2 emissions for our flights in 2020 by planting trees. To take it one step further, we will buy out twice the amount we have calculated in order to also cover our employees’ vacation travels.


How to cut business flights by 15%

We are replacing most of the face-to-faces with innovative video conferencing across our international offices and using a Green Travel Policy company-wide.


What’s green Avenga office behavior?

Let’s start right in front of us: re-evaluating the use of paper, pens, staples, envelopes, and sticky notes, wise waste sorting & recycling together with managing energy and water consumption. Let’s check to see what we can improve here.