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Secured Test Result System

Security-first system for COVID-19 test results in the blockchain.

Challenge: Assure employee and customer safety

COVID-19 made it challenging to access places like hospitals, nursing homes, police stations, and supermarkets. Many businesses now require employees to get tested in order to work so as to safeguard all sides of the human business equation, from employer and employee, to the customer.


So there is a need for a Secured Lab Test Result System that can assist organizations and people in general, to get on with their daily lives with peace of mind, but at the same time ensure the privacy of all involved.

Solution: A blockchain-powered solution by Avenga

We, at Avenga, designed and built a digital Secured Test Result System together with Accu Reference Medical Lab. Our digital health solution guarantees that delivered test results are secure, because the status is anchored in a blockchain provided by Ubirch.


Case Example: A quick non intrusive check at an entry point, via the encrypted COVID-19 test result QR code allows people to get back to work and their lives safely. The relevant party can only read the QR code with the test status of that person, thus answering the critical health question while maintaining the person’s privacy.

What is this Secured Test Result System about?

The Secured Test Result System starts with a person contacting the laboratory for a COVID 19 test in order to obtain tamper-proof test results.


An approved lab, using a Secured Test Result System, registers the person, collects their personal data, provides the test results, and sends the information to the Blockchain secured server in a hashed format. Any step through this process that adds or changes information to the sample is anchored in the blockchain.


The test results themselves are forwarded directly to the tested person via email in the form of a QR code. That QR code can be presented, along with an ID, wherever required, for instance at work or the airport. As soon as the ID and the scanned information are matched, proving the person is not contagious, they are allowed to enter.


The person’s privacy is respected and not compromised through the entire process, which ensures dignity and confidentiality.

Benefits of the Secured Lab Test Result System

An important aspect of this system is its ability to make notifications to relevant parties, but with only specific information released, while ensuring the confidentiality and reliability of the information.


We can guarantee very extensive data protection based on this technology and the decentralized user-friendly implementation.


Given labs that produce these test results are not directly connected to the person tested, it is crucial to not only provide the test results but to deliver these results as safely and as quickly as possible. This is exactly what Avenga’s Secured Test Result System can do.


Providing genuine authentic results of vital medically related information to hospitals, supermarkets, police or airports, etc. is crucial for the economy to rebound in the coming months.

What is next: Make it Secure and Smart so it is Safe

We, at Avenga, use our agility to deliver an innovative approach along with the highest level of security. The blockchain-secured solution is specifically built to tackle personal data protection issues in the delivery of medical test results. But the applications around this are limitless:


  • Digital health: being set in the blockchain, the test result system can become a source for accurate and protected information exchange between medical professionals.
  • Clinical studies and research: the system enables transparency in clinical research and trial processes, and targeted information flow to researchers and patients.
  • Customs security: the key element of the system is that it protects the identity and private data of those involved.
  • Controlled access: Transportation Security Administration (TSA), airlines, or any other agency and private enterprise that uses access control.

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