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Secure Operations for Banking System

Secure Operations for Banking System

Austrian commercial bank, a leader on the market

  • Business challenge

    The client needed to modernize its legacy banking system for better performance, security maintenance, and user-friendly access.

  • Solution development

    We performed extensive monitoring of the banking system and its typical transaction processes in cooperation with the client’s IT security department.
    We proposed a new system that could analyze and report all suspicious transactions to prevent fraud incidents.

  • Results delivered

    With an updated solution, the client can closely monitor transaction processes in real-time for immediate security alerts and those limiting the risk of hacking the bank. As for now, the client meets all security requirements for KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority) regulatory compliance.

  • Technologies

    T24, IBM AIX, Linux, jBASE, log monitoring, discovery tools, alerts, incident reporting system, and Cloud.

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