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Bringing Salesforce functionality to build all-in-one retail execution solution.


Bringing Salesforce functionality to build all-in-one retail execution solution.



SimpliField’s solution reinvents collaboration between field and HQ teams who are empowered to deliver a seamless & personalized customer experience. The field team collects data with a mobile app that gives team access to personalized objectives, photos & guidelines, and real time feedback to help them execute perfectly.

Project info



SimpliField has delivered a first version of the app last year and was looking to take it to the next level and build up the best in class app. The client was looking for a company that can become a real partner in our adventure and co-construct this next generation retail execution app. Someone who could offer in-depth expertise, help them develop a strategy, guide us in the complex architectural choices and be a trusted advisor in the long-term. 


A client intends to reach more customers and increase retail visibility by offering a comprehensive Salesforce CRM solution that is integrated with their own all-in-one retail execution product. They intend to implement Salesforce into their server side, synchronize data from SimpliField’s web, and mobile app that will confirm with Salesforce security regulations. Our Client SimpliField intended to enhance their unique all-in-one retail execution solution with the Salesforce CRM to offer their customers even more comprehensive product.



Avenga engages in integration of an industry-specific Salesforce system with an all-in-one retail execution solution. After meticulous code and security review, the app was enriched with required Salesforce functionality, and tailored to the needs of store managers, field sales, merchandisers and regional managers. The effective architecture design enables field teams to access insights and store information on-the-go; receive personalized, quickly completed reports; and instantly track key performance indicators.


According to SimpliField’s requirements, the system provides objective and exhaustive data regarding sales and marketing campaign performance. This includes information analytics collected by field teams from all retail spots via mobile app. It is also crucial for all reports to be synchronized with the CRM system. Salesforce dashboards are extended with additional data such as pictures, comments, and notes in order to optimize in-store retail execution and boost sales.


This solution focuses on building dashboards and calculating performance indicators, which allows users to share reported information without extra effort or report file creation. As a result, Salesforce users can measure campaign progress and performance on-the-go.


In addition, the adoption of the app to Classic and Lightning UI is in the pipeline for our development team so that customer experience will be enhanced.



Avenga is integrating Salesforce functionality with SimpliField’s application to:


  • mobilize retail employees to collect and analyze field data in real time on-the-go;
  • accelerate the app release time;
  • conform to all security regulations featured at Salesforce AppExchange


As a result, the solution’s enhanced Salesforce functionality will allow store and field teams to manage all retail field operations in real time; track KPI; get instant access to guidelines and operation workflows; and report templates on every device. The field team can now focus on value added tasks, improve execution continuously, sales efficiency and customer experience at scale.


Technology used

  • Salesforce

  • Apex

  • Visualforce

  • Passport.js

  • JavaScript

  • Nginx

  • RabbitMQ

  • MongoDB

  • Node JS

  • Minio

  • GridFS

  • Express.js

  • GridFS

  • Salesforce Lightning component

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