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Salesforce to power up financial business processes

Salesforce to power up financial business processes

Salesforce to power up financial business processes


The ongoing cooperation with our client, one of the top financial consultancies, started in 2016. The Avenga team successfully completed several projects. A case below highlights how Salesforce implementation helped re-energize company’s business processes and workflows.

Project info

Business Challenge

The ongoing digital change in the modern connected world is creating massive opportunities to revamp business processes that move faster for the financial institutions that are able to leverage it.


Our Client ran into a situation where there were some gaps in their ability to transfer and share data between 2 business units as both were using separate Salesforce environments. A lack of interaction and a unified employees’ experience might result in losses because the processes took too long or they didn’t do right by customers through poor data entry and needless to’s and fro’s.


So they needed a diligent technology partner and Salesforce expert to support their development efforts in merging 2 Salesforce environments; namely to align the data model and build a modular and modern solution applicable to both business units.


The goal of the solution was to enable smooth internal business processes, including unified data sharing across departments as well as optimized interactions.


The client had some critical pain points directly influencing speed and overall productivity:


  1. Numerous manual processes with limited automation
  2. Data capture points without clear direction and guidance
  3. Lack of appropriate user experience that is crucial for business
  4. CRM was missing the proper optimization to stimulate sales processes
  5. Inappropriate data leverage from marketing and sales departments to fully drive an enhanced customer experience
  6. Varied data processes and solutions (thanks to organic and rapid growth) resulting in an incomplete cross-channel view of client interactions
  7. Inaccurate data maintenance leading to a high overhead on users


Working closely with the client’s solution leads, the team conducted a meticulous business analysis and several design sessions. This helped the client define a strategy of migration from Salesforce Classic (with many missing features) to Salesforce Lightning, along with a workflow and architecture design of the entire system and all their global organizations.. That, in turn, made all the latest CRM capabilities available to the clients’ business.


The solution was aimed at optimizing internal company processes and simplifying interactions between departments. It enabled a common understanding and standard representation of data across B2B channels, as well as platform upgrades with notably improved user interface and overall experience.


The Avenga development team continues to support the client’s team by taking part in the ongoing implementation of the solution, which includes:


  • Redesign and enhancement of the existing Salesforce Classic system to meet the latest Salesforce Lightning design standards
  • Data migration, as well as being engaged in a functionality migration, to consolidate 2 Salesforce environments into one
  • As a further development, it is planned to merge all Salesforce environments accompanied by the onboarding of every one of the client’s team that’s involved (sales, marketing, customer engagement, etc).

In order to conceptualize Salesforce Lightning for customer experiences and business needs, the Avenga team suggested applying Lightning custom components on a visual style book.


After conducting a data migration POC which proved the efficiency of the proposed solution, the Avenga team implemented a solution architecture design. It includes System Design (components and dependencies), Security Model, software components, a technology stack, a data model and data flows, integration patterns and existing integrations, and Delivery/Deployment flow, all of which improved the testability and QA processes. Now, the client’s users can identify and see any Salesforce package inside Salesforce org.

The implementation started with a redesign of the existing system according to a defined UI & interaction design that was based on a customized Lightning visual stylebook.


The team set up CI/CD with Salesforce DX using the BitBucket Pipelines.


We also utilized an Apache NiFi based script, a powerful and comfortable-to-use ETL tool to ensure successful data migration.


The custom functionality, created by our team, focuses on the unique needs of every client’s department which will make onboarding and further workflow easy and comfortable.

  • b2b b2c
  • communication model 360
  • Product hub


The Avenga team is helping the client to achieve some key milestones in re-energizing their internal business processes and workflows. Some key benefits include:


  • Added visibility and access to unified information on sales, service, reporting, analysis and transparency of internal business processes, all thanks to unified data sharing across departments.
  • Faster cross-organizational interactions and delivery of results due to the automation of business processes.

Technology used

  • Managed Packages

  • SalesForce Apex

  • Lightning

  • Aura & LWC Frameworks

  • Automation testing

  • Selenide

  • BitBucket Pipelines

  • CI/CD

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