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Predictive Solution for Enhanced Clinical Trial Management

Predictive Solution for Enhanced Clinical Trial Management

One of the world’s largest clinical research organizations (CROs) providing a broad range of product development and data services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

  • Business challenge

    The client required a comprehensive solution for clinical trial management with real-time access to all functionality via the web or a tablet device.

  • Solution development

    We developed a mobile app and a web platform that provides real-time access to critical trial data via the web interface and an iPad, for both online and offline users. Moreover, we implemented a custom API to extract data from Salesforce and display it in the iOS application.

  • Results delivered

    The developed system provides real-time insights into every phase of the clinical trial management process, helping clients and key stakeholders access data for their studies. With updated reporting functionality, the solution recognizes potential project risks, displays a study’s progress and notifies users on the key milestones.

  • Technologies

    Lightning framework, Community, VisualForce, Tableau integration, Cordova, Salesforce instances, Backbone.js, and Templates.

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