Electronic Data Capture solution for refined drug development process

Electronic Data Capture solution for refined drug development process

Intuitive SaaS Electronic Data Capture (EDC) for data management process to enhance interactions and communication between clinical trials stakeholders.



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Business challenge

Our client expected an actionable electronic data capture solution which would be utilized for clinical research operations to aggregate and manage clinical trial data. 


Since their data collection process wasn’t prompt enough and users lacked easily navigated and comfortable data management solutions, the goal of our client was to accelerate an omnibus data collection and data management with an intuitive and highly secure tool. 

Solution overview

Avenga provided a comprehensive web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) electronic data capture solution utilized throughout clinical research processes to gather and manage clinical trial data. 


We implemented a customized reporting solution with intuitive configurable workflow for improved data validation procedures supporting reports and metrics


We also provided integration featuring an internal eLearning module – a web-based platform to ensure a fast and effective knowledge acquisition for end users.

Results delivered

We implemented the electronic data capture solution which can enhance the overall drug and device development process in terms of effective decision-making while optimizing expenditures.


A highly intuitive data capturing tool offers both high performance and friendly user experience. 


The data management solution is suited for clinical and medical device studies, alongside Investigator initiated studies (IIS) and academic research.

Technologies & Tools

  • .NET
  • Microsoft Visual studio
  • eCRF
  • Medical Standard

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