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The right team at the right moment

Does your business situation require you to be more flexible in terms of the scaling of your IT teams?
Would you like to speed up the delivery of your IT projects?
Would you like to improve the tech competencies of your IT team?

If ‘yes’ is your answer to at least one of the above questions, give Avenga’s staffing services a try and see how your business benefits as a result.

How can we help you?

Our staffing services

Staff augmentation services by Avenga is a set of flexible staffing strategies that enable you to extend your team with the right tech talent, either for short term or long term, and to manage your augmented team directly.

Fill the gaps in your organizational competencies by hiring the best-in-class IT specialists with Avenga. Our experienced professionals are quick to understand and will add extra value to your company on a per-project basis.

Avenga IT Professionals are able to provide you with diverse IT competency skill sets tailored to a specific time frame and a particular project. With Avenga’s staff augmentation services, you can easily and effectively scale your team by hiring a single person or a number of specialists to work for you both on-site and/or off-site.

Team leasing services from Avenga is a really great way to work with the best specialists and IT teams in the business, and translates your business needs into real projects that are delivered successfully. Working with Avenga lets you reduce your recruitment and infrastructure costs while giving you access to a large pool of talented tech teams at the same time.

Through our team leasing services, we offer our clients more than just developers, consultants, PMs, testers, etc. We provide them with immediate access to experienced experts who understand how business works and who are committed to the projects they are a part of. Our clients trust us with their staffing needs as they know they’ll be offered the right talent with proven methodologies and transparent communication.

Upscale or downscale your team according to your current needs at any stage of the project you are working on. You can fill in your competency gaps via effective collaboration with Avenga.

Thanks to Avenga’s permanent recruitment services, you can accomplish three primary goals: get your expected quality of new hires, mitigate recruitment-related risks, and reduce the cost of the provision of labor. Avenga’s permanent recruitment solutions guarantee a selection of thoroughly screened and properly qualified candidates.

The approach we apply to IT consulting enables us to fully understand the specific requirements and needs of our clients. Candidates are hand-picked after a competency-based interview and the recruitment process focuses on evaluating and validating their previous performance and achievements. Follow-ups with the hired professionals, in the form of regular periodic performance appraisals, are to make sure that all parties in the process are satisfied.

Our drive to achieve the best results possible by contributing professionalism and a balanced team structure lets us build lasting relationships with our partners and clients all across the world.

What clients have to say

  • Avenga and BEC partnership - Staff augmentation for a financial tech company.

    BEC| Staffing Services

    In this client testimonial, Troels Ottesen talks about BEC and Avenga success story. Avenga’s expertise in staffing services contributed to the growth of BEC, a full-service Danish IT house, in the last 4 years. Discover how an IT company transformed the team of 62 people into over 550 tech-savvy professionals powering BEC Financial Technologies. 

Benefits of staffing with Avenga IT Professionals:

We specialize in fast and reliable staffing/solutions that work perfectly in an environment full of challenges. We are not afraid to face even the most demanding IT recruitment projects involving team augmentation, team leasing, and/or permanent recruitment.
All this helps you gain confidence that your technology-based projects will succeed:

  • Access the missing competencies and skills needed

  • Gain greater agility and flexibility

  • Optimize employment-related risks and restrictions

  • Avoid extra costs of employment

  • Minimize contracting efforts

  • Scale and prune your team on demand

  • Sustain operational control

  • Deliver results instantly

We’re very happy with our collaboration with Avenga; as Avenga’s client, our company has had the pleasure of being served by some really amazing people. They are very attentive to our needs, honest, and transparent. I’m also glad to see many women in higher management positions at Avenga. I think it sends a positive message to the entire IT industry.

Claus Trillingsgaard Vice President, Global Delivery, EG
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