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Avenga helps clients translate Salesforce® investment into quality deployment and timely project implementation. Clients trust us for a valuable experience across a variety of Salesforce development services, Salesforce solutions and products.

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  • Are you on the verge of integrating a Salesforce solution into your business or do you plan to scale the Salesforce systems within your organization or is Salesforce app development your next project? In every case, Avenga, a Salesforce partner and a seasoned Salesforce development company is ready to unfold the most lucrative scenarios to make your Salesforce investment plans truly rewarding.

  • What we do best

    Through proven and successful methodology and technology, Avenga provides effective Salesforce development services and Salesforce solutions such as Salesforce administration, consulting, configuration, integration, product development, implementation, customization, training and support. We make it a point to ensure top quality of the delivered solution, so Quality Assurance practices are closely integrated into every stage of a project. We ensure a successful delivery of your every solution by adding end-user training and adoption, together with extensive Salesforce support service.

Salesforce Application Development Offerings by Avenga

Avenga’s expertise covers various Salesforce development services and products, including:

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Setup and Configuration

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Custom Salesforce Development

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Salesforce Integration

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Salesforce Mobile App Development

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Salesforce Health Check

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Salesforce CRM

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Salesforce Lightning

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Beyond Salesforce Custom Solutions

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FinancialForce® Expertise

  • Have a look at the specific offerings by Avenga, as it will help you see the Salesforce platform from a different, more individualized perspective:

    • Migration of legacy solutions to Salesforce suite
    • Functionality enrichment for your current Salesforce CRM.
    • Workflow design, execution and automation services
    • Comprehensive reporting solutions and dashboards for your business-specific needs.
    • application development.
    • Development of customized Salesforce mobile applications to meet customer needs.
    • Design for APIs, canvas application, and developing custom web and de-duplication.
    • Development of custom AI-powered solutions and services with Einstein.

Salesforce Setup and Configuration

  • Avenga’s experts help you define which business processes to improve, by setting up the correct configuration of the Salesforce platform. At this stage, we help clients foresee the impact of project requirements on the overall functioning of the business system. It's an important step since Salesforce should be installed and configured to help you overcome business challenges, and not to create them.

  • We offer a well-orchestrated set-up and configuration of the following processes and services:

    • Cloud Products including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud and App Cloud
    • Onboarding and offboarding processes.
    • Workflows, profiles, reports, email services, validation rules, process builder, permissions and marketing automation.
    • Workflows, profiles, reports, email services, validation rules, process builder, permissions and marketing automation.
    • Security parameters and composition of teams.

Custom Salesforce Development

  • Salesforce development services are appreciated for their customization options, but this may not mean life is easier for businesses. To address the needs of your organization and engage with customers using tailored and efficient software, you might need engineering assistance. Avenga’s experts can re-engineer your business processes and help customize Salesforce with integrations and provide custom business Salesforce app development.

  • To make a genuinely personalized system, we suggest the following well-tried-out processes:

    • Requirements and technology limitations analysis.
    • Identification of the most efficient solution for the organization’s workflow.
    • Software architecture.
    • Data processing and storage.
    • Assessing middleware and modules necessary for the cloud platform together with its elements
    • Integration stages for a failure-resistant connection to enhance effective communication.
    • System test and deployment.

Salesforce Integration

  • With the help of Salesforce cloud APIs, middleware and Avenga’s engineering expertise, our clients are able to integrate the Salesforce system with various platforms and applications. Whether it is ERP, financial, marketing automation, media systems or other technologies, Avenga, as a seasoned Salesforce development company, knows how to deal with the integration tasks to enhance processes. We also cover various integrations related to security, user interface, business logic and big data, both in the cloud and on-premise.

  • The areas of Avenga’s practical expertise in Salesforce integration cover:

    • AppExchange packages.
    • Salesforce to Salesforce connection.
    • Tools and solutions like Salesforce1, FinancialForce, Conga, Drawloop, Concur, and DocuSign
    • Tools for marketing automation including Marketo, Dropbox or Google marketing and analytics products.
    • Social networks and third-party services.
    • Payment processing services.
    • Various libraries and applications available through AppExchange.
    • Custom web services.
    • Business analytic tools for data analysis and advanced analytics.

Salesforce Mobile App Development

  • Avenga’s extensive expertise in mobile app development, as well as the proven reputation of a Salesforce services powerhouse, make our services truly beneficial to our clients. Avenga’s experts and Salesforce developers are ready to apply their experience in mobile development for various business needs.

  • Whether you are considering apps for customers, employees, or would like to act as a development partner, Avenga has a lot to offer:

    • Help you build native Android and iOS apps with Salesforce Mobile SDK.
    • Assist you with building custom apps with any language or framework, and scalable mobile backends on Heroku.
    • Use Salesforce App Cloud Mobile to deploy core apps to your users with Salesforce1 instantly.
    • Finetune Lightning Platform Mobile so that you can deal with the low-code development environment and the publishing of your newly-backed apps directly to the app stores.
    • Provide consultancy services regarding Salesforce Mobile App Development perspective for your business.

Salesforce Health Check

  • Whether you’re planning to integrate Salesforce services into your business processes or extend the existing system within your organization, the Salesforce project audit will clearly define all the critical aspects. At this stage, Avenga’s experts will evaluate your product, its architecture, tech stack, code hygiene, development processes, the ability to scale, security as well as the business needs of your organization. This way, we make sure that the Salesforce components meet the set objectives. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a plan on how to increase its technical capability. Moreover, we will help you make use of the Salesforce built-in health check options, like Security Health Check. Its first and foremost task is to protect your users, along with their data, and keep up with the industry standard.

  • On top of that, you can count on Avenga’s Salesforce Health Check in the following scenarios:

    • Evaluate Salesforce-related technical risks and costs of the expansion.
    • Exploit the technological strengths to meet your business objectives.
    • Seize post-investment growth opportunities.

Salesforce CRM

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions by Avenga are designed to help our clients realize their business goals with functional customer insights and analytics, as well as streamline an organization’s productivity and overall efficiency processes. When customer experience becomes a part of a company’s strategy, a custom Salesforce CRM solution links all stakeholders and data points together allowing for the process and spending optimization. Being an established Salesforce development company, Avenga puts a paramount focus on transferring your strategic goals and development needs to a digital era.

  • Our custom Salesforce CRM services support your business growth with:

    • Lightweight solutions tailored for your needs according to business requirements.
    • Coordinated workflow, rich functionality and improved customer experience across industry verticals.
    • Productivity optimization and cost-&-time efficiency.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • For both B2C or B2B initiatives and campaigns, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a high-class digital marketing tool. With its help, you can personalize, engage and measure activities related to your end-clients. To accelerate our clients’ routine marketing and sales processes, we offer Avenga’s experience in the custom development of plugins and third-party tools. Through cross-channel connections and real-time data management, we help clients with personalized customer journeys. For instance, to extend Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s functionality, we built a web plugin within the Marketing Cloud environment.

  • It simplifies the user journey creation process to just a few clicks through a custom UI with data extensions that include:

    • Wrapper for Journey builder.
    • Segmentation tool.
    • Multi-addressing option.
    • One-off email management.
    • Topic hierarchy choice.
    • Custom activities for Journey with multi-channel communication.

Salesforce Lightning

  • Avenga’s experience and Salesforce Lightning platform help businesses outpace the competition in terms of time-to-market and quality. All because this platform comprises effective tools and services to help companies build their products faster. Avenga chooses Salesforce Lighting to help clients automate processes, create custom UI with responsive layouts, build large-scale web applications as well as integrate third-party applications into the existing business logic. We guarantee the high level of quality and the cooperation of best practices applied by our Salesforce developers in the course of Avenga’s Salesforce Lighting migration and integration services

  • Our Salesforce consulting practice, coupled with a proven delivery model, lets our clients supply their software solutions with:

    • Advanced UI for Lightning pages on mobile.
    • Enlarged and easier-to-read dashboards.
    • Smart, dynamic and out-of-the-box views.
    • Drag-and-drop functionality.
    • Customizable homepages.

Beyond Salesforce Custom Solutions

  • Avenga offers Salesforce consulting services that cover diverse areas of the Salesforce application development. Our certified Salesforce developers together with the quality management team help you realize the value of your product, leverage the power of your big data and guarantee an uncompromised quality. From implementation and administration on up to customization and support, our clients can always count on Avenga’s expertise in Salesforce development services. Going the extra mile to help clients adjust Salesforce solutions to their needs, we educate the client’s employees and end-users. We are ready to share the professional insights, offer an all-inclusive support together with training on their way to Salesforce fullest productivity.

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Based on what they were able to help us accomplish, we have totally transformed our business for greater success because we are able to conduct it from a fully cloud-based perspective

Allan Fraser Director of Information Technology, Milrose Consultants

FinancialForce® Expertise

  • Avenga provides FinancialForce business solutions for financial and human capital management, professional services automation, real estate and supply chain management. The agile app development capabilities allow us to create custom cloud applications for any industry.

  • Avenga provides the following FinancialForce services:

    • Account Management Reports creation.
    • Billing Process, Cash Matching and Expense Tracking setup.
    • Integration with legacy systems.
    • VisualForce setup for custom app page layouts.
    • FinancialForce API for one-click payments.
    • ClickLink customization and design.
    • Custom application development.

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