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Salesforce consulting services

Trusted technology partner to sustain your business growth

Avenga offers Salesforce consulting services that cover diverse areas of the Salesforce application implementation. Our certified Salesforce business and technical consultants help you realize the value of your product, leverage the power of your data and guarantee uncompromised quality. We rely on our 10+ years of experience and a broad knowledge of multiple technologies to provide you with the best-in-class advisory and consulting services. With us, you will obtain confidence that your technology-enabled project will succeed.

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Who are we? We are a Salesforce Consulting Partner.

  • Avenga is a Salesforce consulting partner that can steadily guide you through your Salesforce journey. We at Avenga are not afraid to delve deeply into the business challenges your organization faces. Our certified Salesforce experts are ready to find solutions to your toughest questions in order to ensure that your desired business goals are achieved. Avenga’s Salesforce solution architects drill down to the bottom of things and then roll up their sleeves to ensure the right technology approach is chosen. We are ready to go the extra mile to help our clients achieve their business goals through Salesforce and to ramp up their business productivity.

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Salesforce solution consulting

  • We are delighted to have successfully delivered over 100 Salesforce projects to our clients, including some very complex and sophisticated solutions. By using the right tech and the best of our experts’ skills, we have a proven track record in complex CRM implementation, integration and optimization services across the Salesforce CRM, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud and AppExchange solutions.


    Our 10-year plus expertise in Salesforce testifies that we are prepared to build all kinds of projects. Avenga’s solution architects are cross-technology practitioners that are platform- and vendor-agnostic and they are ready to extend your system beyond Salesforce, if that fulfills your requirements, in order to make it more mature and thriving.


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Industries we work with

  • We are proud to have 1 million hours of hands-on experience as a Salesforce technology partner to industry-leading pharmaceutical, life sciences, and finance companies. Having the unique experience of delivering Salesforce solutions, both for medium-sized businesses and for huge corporations, makes us highly qualified to help companies all over the world with Salesforce consulting and implementation. Our deep knowledge of the slightest nuances in healthcare, life sciences, and finance allows us to advise our clients on the best approach and selection of tools for their projects.

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

    For over a decade, Avenga has provided Salesforce consulting and end-to-end solution engineering services to the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

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  • Finance

    From ideation and strategy to deployment and delivery, Avenga helps leading financial companies transform their technology initiatives into reliable and accomplished software projects.

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  • Insurance

    Benefit from our unparalleled expertise in Salesforce consulting for insurance companies. Create seamless customer experiences and gain an edge over the market competition.

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Our portfolio of Salesforce services

Salesforce Cloud Transition Strategy

Plan for your sustainable success with expert guidance along your Salesforce journey with business oversight, consulting, a tailored strategy, and technology acumen.

What your gains are:

  • Validate the enterprise’s competitive advantage which is enabled by Salesforce Cloud’s capabilities.
  • Gain confidence in the proposed solution by analyzing risks and opportunities in relation to your specific business goals.
  • Plan for your IT landscape optimization by replacing scattered legacy systems with a Salesforce platform solution.
  • Acquire a vendor-agnostic action plan based on the Salesforce Transformation Roadmap.


  • Salesforce Transition Strategy

Salesforce Technology Consulting

Assess your current architecture state vs. your to-be architecture, design your vision, and obtain the right solution architecture design to cover your business needs. Get the maximum value for your Salesforce investment.

What your gains are:

  • Make fact-based decisions grounded on key data and metrics from the Salesforce platform with Salesforce analytics and an AI solution design.
  • Get a comprehensive set of custom business and technical documentation for your future Salesforce implementation with the Salesforce CRM solution design.
  • Save cost and time with pinpoint quality delivery based upon Salesforce’s best practices with Salesforce DevOps and release management processes.
  • Realize the full potential of a Salesforce solution by identifying architecture issues, capability gaps, and integration risks with a Salesforce solution architecture assessment.
  • Power up your digital landscape around Salesforce with the right system integration architecture design.


  • Salesforce Analytics and AI
  • Salesforce CRM Solution Design
  • Salesforce DevOps and Release Management
  • Salesforce Solution Assessment
  • Salesforce System Integration Design

Salesforce Application Development

Design, build and deploy CRM and Marketing solutions based on the Salesforce SaaS suite. Avenga can customize your Salesforce setup and adapt it to your business needs. We are here to bring your idea to reality.

What your gains are:

  • Standardize your multi-channel interactions with customers and empower your marketing department to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Enhance your IT infrastructure and overall competitiveness by migrating your data and legacy systems to Salesforce CRM.
  • Secure an end-to-end implementation of custom Salesforce modules starting from the UI/UX development to comprehensive integrations.
  • Get end-to-end design and the implementation of your product ready for release on an  AppExchange with the team that has been deploying applications to AppExchange for more than 8 years.  
  • Shorten your Salesforce implementation time with a ready-to-use pre-configured cloud-based solution from SalesForce products suite.


  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation 
  • Salesforce Data Migration
  • Salesforce Customization and Integration
  • Salesforce Application Development
  • Salesforce Implementation

Power up your workflows with Salesforce consulting, development and engineering.

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Benefits you get from Salesforce

One of the most important elements of having a successful business is the deep knowledge of your customers. Salesforce CRM helps you do exactly that. With expert Salesforce advice, you can move your business to the next level and achieve a competitive advantage in your market niche.

  • 360 customer view

    Make informed and solid decisions based on the historical and actual data of your customers. Access all the information you need in one system, starting from everything customers told you during the sale cycle or service line call to the marketing campaigns they read though.

  • Scalability

    Scale up and down promptly as per your business needs. A cloud-based Salesforce CRM enables you to accommodate increasing or decreasing workloads easily without impacting the performance of your system.

  • Increased agility

    Digitalize your new business lines. Choose from a dozen pre-configured cloud designs that are well-suited for different kinds of businesses. Improve your internal workflows with an out-of-the-box solution that works in an instant without complicated installation or configuration processes.

  • Faster time to market

    Be the first to launch your products or services into the market. Meet the needs of your customers instantly. The tools and features Salesforce SaaS offers makes it the top choice platform for you so as to release your apps into production quickly.

  • Security

    Get comprehensive protection for all your data, starting from backups and modern security standards on up to complex compliance standards, like HIPAA, SOC reports, and others. Guard your applications against vulnerabilities and unauthorized access with Salesforce security schemes.

  • Digital transformation
    for the businesses

    Move to digital at scale. Forget about Excel spreadsheets and lower the risk or errors, quicken your processes, and enhance different aspects of your business. Transform your business operations and create new revenue streams.

Why choose Avenga as your
Salesforce consulting partner?

    • We possess the knowledge of a rich set of Salesforce functionalities and can design and develop a solid solution architecture.
    • We will provide you with a clear and comprehensive solution for the given business needs. 
    • We are a #1 Salesforce consultant according to the Clutch Leaders matrix (as of Jan 2021).
    • We are proud of our 10-year plus experience as a Salesforce consulting and technology partner to industry-leading financial, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies. 
    • We have over 120 certified experts across Salesforce domains.
    • We’re not a Salesforce boutique consultancy, so we can offer a more in-depth analysis by leveraging our expertise in other technology areas.
    • We ensure top quality of a delivered Salesforce solution by integrating quality assurance practices into every stage of a project.

Beyond Salesforce consulting services

With over a decade of Salesforce implementation experience, we rarely deliver a solution that ends up with CRM only. The possibilities of a modern IT infrastructure are endless. Hands-on expertise with the majority of technologies on the market helps our solutions to be likened to an orchestra, and our results are a brilliant synergy of technologies, CRM, and data usage. Avenga is able to deliver digital solutions that are of the highest quality and which perform seamlessly because we capture data predictions and analytics with AI services, we achieve greater scalability and push beyond the normal limits by using cloud services, and provide better user experience and mobility with mobile applications.

  • AI

    Enrich your Salesforce CRM with forward-looking solutions and more granular analytics based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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  • Cloud

    Expand the efficiency of your day-to-day operations and speed up your time to market with secure, scalable cloud services.

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  • Mobile Aps

    Create the best-performing and tailored mobile applications on iOS and Android which will transform the way your business operates.

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  • Quality Assurance

    Ensure your systems have the highest quality, and are reliable, efficient and secure with top-notch quality assurance and testing services.

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What clients have to say

Based on what they were able to help us accomplish, we have totally transformed our business for greater success, because we are able to conduct it from a fully cloud-based perspective

Allan Fraser Director of Information Technology, Milrose Consultants

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