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Digital Solutions for Real Estate

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Transformation of the real estate and construction

PropTech startups conquer the traditional real estate market while tailoring digital services to win the hearts of customers. Technologies like Smart House, online payments, and automated support are gaining in demand among residents, as well as property managers, for delivery of harmonious services.

  • What’s your goal in the real estate?

    • To position yourself as a pioneer in the traditional industry and set your hallmark of innovation.
    • To simplify processes that steal time and energy with digital solutions.
    • To create value from residents’ data and leverage insights in unmatched user experience.
    • To deliver targeted technology solutions that fulfill your customers’ needs and reach them via convenient interfaces.
    • To enhance your future business upon a data-driven construction concept.
    • To streamline processes and enhance efficiency for real estate managers and residents.
    • To build a sustainable future by implementing responsible resource management and consumption planning.

    Whatever your goal is, we will facilitate you during this ascent with transformative technologies that your real estate business needs the most.

  • What do your customers expect?

    • Fast response and hassle-free communication
    • Transparency and 24/7 availability of services
    • A simple and user-friendly experience
    • Smart House innovations at hand

  • What do property managers expect?

    • Digital access and on/off-boarding of residents
    • Automated queries management
    • Improved saving potential and resource efficiency
    • Added value of the property through services

What we do

We help our clients introduce cross-industry digital services into real estate and construction businesses in order to bridge the gaps neglected by traditional approaches.

For your customers

  • Property maintenance

    We integrate all the necessary services, like repair and cleaning, into one convenient and all-accessible platform.

  • Automated support

    We connect your customers to automated communication tools available on the media platforms they use everyday.

  • Online payments

    We streamline the payment process for rental and utility bills through online payment services.

  • Contextual experience

    We explore property neighbourhoods and share valuable findings with residents, to experience the local area, and to get to know neighbours and the services around them.

  • Personalization and innovation

    We leverage IoT technology to introduce Smart House features making human-adaptable spaces.

For property owners

  • Documentation and ticketing

    We create unified systems for processing of customer queries, and the structuring of all documents regarding your facilities and generated within your organization.

  • Analytics and data insights

    We apply Big Data technologies to collect, visualize, and report data for effortless property management and resource planning.

  • Digital services alignment

    We reduce an asset’s downtime by connecting scattered technologies already implemented across your organization.

  • Control and monitoring

    We eliminate routine operations and give you control over resources, so you can discover enormous saving potential.

  • Digital efficiency

    We optimize processes for property management and lay the foundation for sustainable business operations.

Technology capabilities for real estate and construction

  • Data analytics

    We apply Big Data, AI and machine learning technologies to deal with large volumes of data by transforming it into comprehensive insights for future forecasting, reporting, and distribution of resources, all in an efficient way.

  • Cloud solutions

    We modernize legacy on-premise solutions, migrate all necessary parts to the cloud and develop highly reliable and available infrastructure for zero-limited downtimes.

  • Automation services

    We automate all processes that could overwhelm customers, making their experience with the property one to fondly remember.

  • UI/UX

    We design user-facing interfaces for your customers, to ensure they have clear guidance and easy to understand benefits of the property that you have tailored for them.

  • CMS

    We build systems to deliver targeted content to your customers, that are smoothly customizable for adding new services that are available on every device.

  • ERP

    We make management of inventory and property operations effortless by implementing ERP systems for your real estate business.

  • Mobile/Web solutions

    We develop apps that enhance the user experience and give extra opportunities to control a property and its operation, including an app for Smart Home.

  • Digital payments

    We integrate payment providers into your solution to simplify all money transactions for rental and utility bills making life easier for customers and property managers.

  • BAS (Building automation systems)

    We introduce pioneering solutions for automated operation with high performing efficiency used in smart buildings.

  • IoT

    We create IoT-as-a-Service solutions to leverage the hyper-connectivity of smart utilities and collect valuable data generated from mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Avenga achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for the information security management system (ISMS).
ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification is a set of best practices and controls regarding cybersecurity risks. It emphasizes data confidentiality, integrity, and availability and is widely recognized as the gold standard for ISMS.

Our clients

  • Enhanced data management system

    We migrated legacy proprietary project management and accounting software to the modern cloud platform for a US construction company providing customizable and flawless data management across the client’s diverse functional units.

  • Pioneering IoT suite for smart house

    We helped to build a comprehensive solution for BAS (Building Automation System) that included monitoring and controlling features for sustainable building operations and further nationwide implementation.

  • Loans and liens management solution

    We created a secured cloud solution for a US leader in a commercial real estate business that helped property owners make tax payments via both loan programs and liens.

After working with them for over four (4) years now, we have found the collaboration to be a very positive experience. Their team is always knowledgeable and professional, and their services, especially in the areas of development and Q.A., have allowed us to utilize the latest technologies to totally transform our business.

Allan Fraser Director of Information Technology, Milrose Consultants
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