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Enterprise Solution for Brokerage Compensation Management

Enterprise Solution for Brokerage Compensation Management

Leading global financial consulting company; one of the largest asset managers in the UK.

  • Business challenge:

    The client’s goal was to improve brokerage compensation management and receive performance information using an effective BI solution.

  • Solution development:

    We developed a comprehensive enterprise reporting solution by using an enterprise data warehouse. The implemented solution uses a hierarchical reporting functionality that provides wealth management and other financial service organizations with the ability to track key organizational, managerial, and producer-level performances against defined key objectives.

  • Results delivered:

    Our team continues to cooperate with the client, providing global support of the existing system by adding new features, as well as optimizing existing functionality with general improvement, bug fixing, migration to new versions, development and support of the document manager application.

  • Technologies:

    Heroku, iOS, PaaS, Salesforce, SaaS, and managed packages.

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