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Data Processing and Reporting System for Pharmacovigilance

Data Processing and Reporting System for Pharmacovigilance

The client is a ground-breaker in the safety and pharmacovigilance arena, bringing the first commercially available drug safety system to the life sciences industry with $37.8 million in revenue.

  • Business challenge:

    The client needed an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system for capturing drug trial data into their database for statistics reporting.

  • Solution development:

    We built a highly customizable system capable of adapting to different trials, including the possibility of integrating it with external services, which offer sponsors and CROs a cost-efficient way to capture, manage, and report clinical research data during Phase I-IV.

  • Results delivered:

    The most valuable features include:

    • Integration with the internal safety systems

    • Improved performance and comprehensive custom reporting features

  • Technologies:

    .NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Business Domain, eCRF, jQuery, Medical Standards, MSSQL, and Web Development.

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