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Digital solutions for pharma & life sciences

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Avenga is a technology partner to the leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical firms, contract research organizations (CROs), clinical research institutions, and pharmacovigilance vendors in transforming the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Pharma & life sciences industry facts



years is the average length for the clinical trial research phase.


Source: Chi-Jen Lee, Clinical Trials of Drugs and Biopharmaceuticals



of clinical trials do not manage to recruit and retain enough patients and fail to meet enrollment timelines.


Source: Clinical trial delays: America’s patient recruitment dilemma

$2.6 bn


is the total cost of developing one new drug and making it through the FDA approval phase.


Source: Duggan & Pence, Approval Rate for Drugs Entering Clinical Development, 2019

Our Pharma & Life Sciences Expertise

Custom software development for preclinical & clinical trials, drug commercialization, manufacturing, distribution, and safety.

  • Preclinical/ Clinical Trial Management Software Development

    Accelerate your commercial drug development and regulatory processes with a secure and complaint preclinical & clinical trial management software, such as:

    • ePRO (Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome) data collection
    • eDC (Electronic Data Capture) software development
    • eCTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) development
    • eCRF (Electronic Case Report Forms) integration
    • eCOA (Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment) integration
    • Patient recruitment solutions
    • Early clinical data management solutions
  • Pharma Manufacturing and Commercialization Software Development

    Stay organized, maintain strict quality management and streamline pharma manufacturing to meet client’s specifications and regulatory requirements with the help of:

    • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software
    • MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)
    • MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) platforms
    • MRP (Material Requirements Planning) platforms
    • Production planning and procurement software
    • Traceability and recall management software
    • Product quality management software
    • PA (Prior Authorisation) solutions
  • Pharma Distribution Software Development

    Streamline the flow of ordering, selling, warehousing and shipping pharmaceutical and life sciences products with the help of:

    • Accounting, customer, and service management
    • Automation and inventory software
    • Warehouse management solutions
    • Logistics solutions
    • Supply chain management software
  • Drug Safety Software Development

    Build pharmacovigilance software or drug safety solutions that lower your operational costs and are fully compliant with pharmaceutical regulations with the help of:

    • Adverse drug reaction reporting applications
    • Adverse events database development
    • Integration of workflows and gateways with the WHO drug dictionary
    • Medical request information management software
    • Drug safety monitoring software

All You Need to Know About Digital Clinical Trial Management in the 2020s

We created for you a 25-pager whitepaper discussing the most important new technologies that are transforming the clinical trial processes. Explore how digital tools for clinical trial management can help you to bring treatment to patients faster and with a lower cost.

Download whitepaper

What we do

  • Do you need to speed up drug development cycles, introduce real-time insights on sales and user data, enhance operational efficiency, engage customers, improve control and security compliance, and deliver first-rate patient outcomes?

  • We, at Avenga, deliver full-spectrum services to Life Science and Pharma enterprises globally and make innovation happen. We help our clients drive digital transformation to face tomorrow’s challenges in introducing new drugs, and to cure what is not curable today.

Pharma technology solutions

  • Data Science

    • Adaptive clinical trials
    • Analytics and reporting, with adaptability
    • Digital transformation through doctor-patient connection, iOT, and wearables
    • Getting access to the best doctors
    • Holistic and consolidated approach to data management
  • Clinical Trial Management solutions

    • Drug development platforms
    • Drug simulation software
    • Trial’s management and reporting
    • Patient recruitment systems
    • ECM software
  • Pharmacovigilance

    • Incident reporting
    • AI & ML solutions for pharmacovigilance (chatbots, etc.)
    • Pharmacovigilance IT architecture
    • Signal detection software
    • Adverse event processing
    • Pharmacovigilance assessment
  • Pharma Sales & Marketing

    • Sales, prescriber and claims data management
    • CRM and Salesforce automation solutions
    • Closed Loop marketing
    • KOL management
    • Conversational AI & NLP chatbots
    • Assisting sales with leads using a business network
    • Working with pre-sales to qualify opportunities and identify gaps
    • Assist in recruiting partners
    • Training
  • Data Management

    • Electronic Data Capture systems (eDC)
    • Electronic patient reporting outcomes (ePRO)
    • Secure data storage for your digital assets
    • Governance software
    • Phenotyping data capture
  • Precision Medicine for Clinical Trials

    • Web and cloud solutions for precision medicine for pharma
    • Companion diagnostic (CDx) tests development
    • Biomarker analysis
    • Genomic data integration and data processing
    • Molecular workflows management

How technology transforms pharma



more clinical trials using biomarkers are likely to get approved.


Source: Wong, C., Estimation of clinical trial success rates, 2018



of novel molecular treatments that were approved by the FDA in 2018 were precision medicines.


Source: FDA, New Drug Therapy Approvals, 2019



tech giants are diversifying in pharma and healthcare.


Source: Deloitte, Global Life Sciences Outlook, 2019

Avenga achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for the information security management system (ISMS).

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification is a set of best practices and controls regarding cybersecurity risks. It emphasizes data confidentiality, integrity, and availability and is widely recognized as the gold standard for ISMS.

Case studies

See how we reshaped the business of global Pharma and Life Science providers by helping them to deliver improved patient outcomes through digital services.

Discover our projects

Technology Capabilities for Pharma & Life Sciences

We help pharma & life sciences organizations develop software for the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle, starting from the component research to drug approval. Our goal is to help our clients optimize their current business processes and bring drugs to market faster.

  • Mobile enablement and connectivity

    • Native, web, hybrid clinician app development for Android and iOS
    • Wireless enablement using Bluetooth and BLE
    • Secure mobile architecture development
    • Machine to machine mobile solutions
  • Software testing and quality engineering services

    • Intelligent test automation
    • Iterative testing
    • Cross-platform app testing
    • Performance and network testing
    • Security QA
    • Pattern mining and QA analytics

Avenga’s subject-matter experts (SMEs) and technical professionals are ready to help and find solutions for your struggles.

  • Pharma Software Development for Sales and Marketing

    We understand the pressing needs of the pharma and life sciences in achieving the very best in patient experience. Our technology and market expertise help combine enhanced drug discovery, efficient clinical trials with improved productivity and boosted sales & marketing activities, and improve overall patient engagement.

  • Clinical Trial Software Development

    Accelerate your clinical trials with the help of NLP for patient enrollment, randomization and clinical trial supply solutions, and iOT for patient retention.

  • Healthcare CRM

    CRM solutions in healthcare ensure a flawless experience across the whole customer care lifecycle, starting from the very first contact to subscription, along with sales and marketing, registration, health care delivery, and customer retention.

  • Pharma CRM

    CRM software for pharma drives your success in the ever-changing market with effective customer-centric services. Pharma CRM facilitates the drug discovery and clinical trial processes, warrants the highest productivity and helps to keep an eye on investments, while also keeping aligned with policies and regulations.

  • Telemedicine Software Solutions Development

    Telemedicine software development services by Avenga. How close is your doctor? We apply technology to energize digital health and serve humanity.


What clients have to say

Affordability and depth of expertise have made them a critical development partner. Their team easily scales to accommodate project size and is equally flexible with scheduling across time zones.

Suhail Mughal CTO, QPharma

They were a great partner. In the three years I partnered with them − on no less than four projects for three separate companies − I was always impressed with their employees’ professionalism and focus on excellence. I did not view them as vendors, but as teammates.

David Koplovitz former CTO, M3Health

Why Avenga?




happy clients


years of experience

  • We have the experience.

    Avenga has a proven track record of delivering excellence for life sciences, pharma, biotech and CRO’s (Contract Research Organizations). For over 15 years, we have maintained and grown ongoing long-term collaborations with the world’s leading pharma & life sciences companies. At Avenga, we combine innovations and technology to tailor and support IT solutions for drug product related operations including clinical trials management, pharma sales enablement, patient engagement portals, industry-specific education, e-prescriptions, integrations with EMR and PMS, legacy systems migration, and a lot more.

  • We help you outpace the competition.

    Avenga helps you anticipate the trends in biotech & pharma to increase your delivery speed and outcomes. We have the expertise in advanced software development solutions and can fill in your technology gaps with the right people with the right knowledge. We help enterprises redefine the patient experience and incorporate our expertise for life sciences and pharma into a pragmatic value delivery.

  • We know the regulations and adhere to them.

    Avenga stays abreast of the latest regulations and policies in the pharma and life sciences sector, like FDA, HIPAA, HINTECH, and GDPR. Unlike other product development firms, Avenga software development services are tailored to the highly regulated pharmaceutical & life sciences industry. We understand the complexity of the present-day challenges faced by biotech firms and CROs and implement innovative tech solutions to address these challenges. We meticulously adhere to the strictest Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that concern clinical data management and monitoring across all our development stages.

  • We have the right people in the right place.

    More than 4,300 Avenga professionals across 31 offices are working hard to deliver exceptional impact for our customers and help pharma and life sciences bring discoveries to life. We are proud to have a vast number of software development experts that have already built flexible, compliant and progressive solutions for top pharmaceutical and life sciences companies in the world.

Our industry mindset

  • Apr 24, 2020 I Lily Smirnova, Marketing Director
  • Mar 26, 2020 I Bill Ross, VP of Strategic Client Development at Avenga
  • Mar 18, 2020 I Lily Smirnova (Marketing Director), Lyubomyr Senyuk (Head of R&D)
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