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Salesforce Customization and Implementation

Salesforce can cater specifically to your business’s needs. Optimize, customize, and implement Salesforce solutions that drive personalized change.

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A Call to Customization

Salesforce solutions are not made to serve your commercial purpose by default. You have to twist, tune, and set them in a manner that benefits your business. If any of the scenarios below seem familiar, your Salesforce toolkit needs tuning.

The Need for More Features

You have an already customized and configured Salesforce product. Yet, your business mission needs more, meaning the existing setup must be extended by new Salesforce features naturally incorporated into your ecosystem.

Digital Transformation Looming

You embark on your digital transformation journey, looking for a platform with the most relevant capabilities to serve your business domain. A greenfield Salesforce product has become your core platform eventually failing to deliver the result you expected.

Salesforce Dependence

You already have a Salesforce CRM but the existing platform setup does not cover all company needs. Hence, you need one product’s functionality extended without adding any surplus product into the ecosystem.


Functionality Extension

You already have a Salesforce CRM but the existing platform setup does not cover all company needs. Hence, you need one product’s functionality extended without adding any surplus product into the ecosystem.

Customization at Its Finest

Salesforce solutions deliver personalized results when tuned in accordance with your business needs. Avenga specializes in updating existing and implementing new Salesforce solutions that deliver precision-gauged results.


increase in sales revenue


increase in lead conversion


increase in customer satisfaction


faster deployment

Salesforce Implementation and Customization Services

Avenga offers a wide range of customization and implementation services across the entire Salesforce ecosystem. We bring extensive functionality establishing omnichannel customer care and sales funnels, advanced market analysis, and AI-powered reporting.

  • Digitalization

    Automate, secure, and refine your processes by customizing your digital journey. Move your sales to the cloud and automate the revenue streams.

  • Installation & Implementation

    We will help you choose, install, and configure all the Salesforce products your business needs for achieving greater success.

  • CRM

    Configuring a new CRM for your business or tuning the existing one to meet your clients’ requirements to the full.

  • Data Consolidation

    Turn your CRM into a single source of truth that powers your business decisions with predictable outcomes.

  • UI/UX

    Accessibility, user-friendliness, and processing efficiency harmonized within one platform to ensure your clients and staff enjoy the process of maximizing your income.

  • Legacy Update

    Avenga experts will scrutinize your outdated solution, define the update requirements, and get on with the very update.

Salesforce Customization & Implementation

Personalized treatment for you; personalized experience for your clients.

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Salesforce Clouds Expertise

Regardless of the solution you need customized and implemented, we can do it on a multitude of Salesforce clouds.

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Their team resolved numerous issues with legacy code in addition to handling new development. The project progressed on schedule, with three major releases in less than a year, enabling the product to go live for a customer. They took ownership over all tasks and produced high-quality code

Ekaterina Geta Senior Project Manager, Simplifield

We’re Talking Quality and Quantity

When we’re done bettering your Salesforce ecosystem, you get a lot of surplus benefits serving you just right on your further Salesforce journey. Together with customized and implemented solutions, you get:


  • A project plan and implementation roadmap.
  • Business and technical requirements specification.
  • A technical design document.
  • A metadata package installed to the environment you select.
  • User manuals and training materials.
  • Configuration source scripts as a backup.
  • An up and running solution.


More than Salesforce Experts

The combination of outstanding technical expertise and abundant Salesforce development experience fuels our ability to bring impressive ROI to your investments into Salesforce solutions.

  • Avenga is an official Salesforce partner with more than 300 SalesForce certifications, 100+ certified experts, 10+ certified architects, and more than 100 projects completed over the course of our 10 years-old Salesforce journey.

  • Making sure our clients take every advantage of the Salesforce opportunities led us to being acknowledged the Number 1 Salesforce Consultant as per Clutch Leaders Matrix.

You would want your house renovated by somebody who understands its architectural workings. We can customize and implement your Salesforce products with ease because we know how to build them in the first place.

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The Process Matters

As a Salesforce development company, Avenga follows established best practices to ensure a transparent and highly-efficient customization and implementation process.

  • Planning

    This is where we define what the project is all about and our client’s expected deliverables. The ongoing discovery phase gives us everything we need to know, including the project’s stakeholders, roles, functionality and non-functionality requirements, management tools, coding standards and methodology, as well as the project’s governance method.

  • Execution

    We start executing properly defined tasks, running daily and weekly meetings according to the selected methodology. As we configure and customize the product, regular code reviews, automated unit, manual, and UAT testing sessions, ensure its technical flawlessness.

  • Support

    As your product goes live, we ensure the utmost care, along with training sessions for your personnel and post-live further guidance.

Nothing was too complicated for them, and everything about their process is straightforward.

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Stephen Milner CEO, AMMI Systems​​

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