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Cloud Migration Services and Solutions

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Business Benefits of Migration to the Cloud

Cloud migration is more than just switching to another infrastructure. It’s a game-changer for your business. When implemented correctly, cloud migration services can allow you to operate on an entirely new level, which provides your business with the following benefits:

  • Reduced IT costs

    Keeping your infrastructure up and running is the responsibility of your cloud vendor. That’s why, without taking up your space at all, a cloud migration solution will significantly cut your labor and maintenance costs, allowing you to focus on business-critical tasks.

  • Business agility

    The cloud enables you to adjust to the changes in your workloads by responding promptly to opportunities and threats in the business environment. Business agility of the cloud involves step by step changes in your IT infrastructure organization that are aimed at gaining and maintaining the competitive advantage.

  • Business continuity

    A fire, flood, outage, or system failure can wipe out all your precious data, so a reliable backup is a critical part of any business continuity plan. A cloud data backup and recovery solution will simplify disaster recovery processes, and guarantee that your data is safe and sound without a significant upfront investment

  • Enhanced security

    The cloud offers tools, components and controls that enable companies to easily implement the best security practices. In particular, the shared responsibility model relieves your operational burden, as the cloud service provider of your choice will operate, manage and protect the infrastructure (hardware, software and networking).

  • Reduced carbon footprint

    Greater efficiency by using aggregated cloud computing resources is an important factor in reducing carbon dioxide. Migrating to the cloud data centers will help to eliminate 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions from 2021 to 2024, as reported by the IDC.

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Cloud Migration Process

The cloud’s potential is huge for any business. But you won’t harness its full power without a working cloud migration strategy, a detailed execution plan, and a team of seasoned cloud experts. At Avenga, we can cover everything. Our typical migration workflow works like this:

  • What we do at the cloud migration discovery phase: 

    • Analyze your cloud migration needs and fears
    • Define your cloud migration motivations and objectives
    • Distill and prioritize the goals
    • Formulate a strategic vision of your cloud journey
    • Audit your current architecture
    • Assess software code quality
    • Determine key improvement areas
    • Analyze the gaps and risks
    • Outline the improvement plan and recommendations
  • What we do at the cloud migration planning phase:

    • Scrutinize the cloud assessment report
    • Organize the cloud vision into milestones
    • Capture strategic objectives into major steps (epics, stories, features, etc.)
    • Develop a cloud migration roadmap
    • Analyze the pros and cons of possible cloud solution(s)
    • Offer the optimal cloud solution(s) for your use case(s)
    • Choose the solution and approve the roadmap
  • What we do at the cloud implementation phase:

    • Build a cloud migration backlog
    • Prioritize tasks
    • Estimate the efforts needed
    • Communicate the final plan
    • Adjust the cloud implementation plan, if needed
    • Recommend an optimal team structure
    • Implement tasks
    • Test the implemented components

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Cloud Migration Partners

We are not biased towards any vendor or cloud in general. Avenga’s cloud consultants can offer a fair comparison between vendor-specific, vendor-agnostic, and hybrid options. Every solution we deliver is cost-efficient, secure, resilient and fully automated.

  • Migrate to Microsoft Azure

    Combining our deep industry knowledge with proprietary tools and methodologies, we offer cloud migration services to help businesses effortlessly migrate their workloads to Microsoft Azure. Having extensive experience in migrating our clients’ apps and services to Microsoft Azure, our solution architects will help you select the best architecture model to accelerate your cloud migration.

  • Migrate to AWS

    Seamlessly migrate your applications and services to AWS, leveraging Avenga’s years of experience and expertise to improve and optimize your cloud workflows. Whether it’s a large-scale migration or a technical conversion, Avenga, as a cloud migration company, helps you move to AWS safely and securely.

  • Migrate to Google Cloud

    Avenga, a cloud migration company, has the in-depth experience and successful track record of helping organizations successfully migrate to all types of applications and services on the Google Cloud Platform. Brining our capabilities together, we help you exploit growth opportunities that are vital for your business.

Cloud Migration Approaches

Avenga is here to help your business decide on the best cloud migration approach as per your needs. Here are the cloud migration types that can be used depending upon your use case:

  • Rehost (lift-and-shift)

    Move servers or applications from the current hosting environment and shift them to infrastructure in the public cloud. Rehosting is a common strategy for organizations just starting their cloud migration journey.

  • Replatform

    Optimize your applications, while rehosting them to the cloud. Replatforming is an upgraded lift-and-shift cloud migration.

  • Repurchase (drop and shop)

    Switch to another product. Repurchasing sometimes means ending the existing licensing and repurposing the services onto a new cloud platform or service.

  • Refactor

    Redesign and revise the current services. The refactoring approach improves the availability and reliability of your applications so as to meet specific security or compliance requirements.

  • Retire

    Identify assets and services that can be discontinued so the business can focus on the services that are widely used and have a vast business value.

  • Retain

    Leave the existing applications as they are. The retain approach is used when an application is critical and needs significant refactoring before being transfered to the cloud.

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Why Choose Us for Your Cloud Migration?

With a proven track record of building reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient cloud migration solutions tailored to individual businesses, we can assist you at any stage of your cloud migration journey. Here’s why our clients appreciate us as a cloud migration service provider:

  • We have over 20 years of experience as a cloud migration technology partner, helping businesses at all stages within the cloud journey, starting from cloud strategy to cloud migration.

  • We have certified cloud migration experts in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and other industry leading cloud providers.

  • We implement the best cloud migration and iterative software development practices.

  • We understand that cloud adoption is a business process, which allows us to build cloud migration solutions that work for your business, not the other way around.

  • You’ll know the real scope of the cloud migration process before the implementation begins.

  • We’ll keep in touch with you throughout the entire cloud migration process to make sure we are on the same page.

  • We’ll help you ensure that the cloud transformation won’t undermine your internal business operations or affect your customer’s experience

  • We’ll ensure the security and consistency of your data throughout the cloud migration.

Successful cloud migration for businesses of all sorts.

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With them, we have one of the best specialists at our side. They provide us with everything from a single source – concept, design, technology and at the same time we benefit from their many years of experience in the industry. Accordingly, they understand our individual requirements down to the last detail, which greatly promotes the progress of the project. A trusting relationship as well as an uncomplicated and fast exchange complete cooperation.

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