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Cloud Application Development

Full-cycle cloud app development to streamline your business processes.

Advantages of cloud-based application development

Choose cloud-based development for a high-performance app with built-in security, availability and scalability.

  • Enhanced data management

    Easily access your cloud app and data from anywhere in the world. Shared storage, a massive storage capacity and high availability make cloud applications the natural option for data sharing and collaboration.

  • Faster time to market

    Time is everything for your IT project. Cloud application development platforms offer core security, integration, APIs and other functions that give developers a jump start. What’s more, as cloud applications work on both Android and iOS, you can launch a new cloud app faster than a native one.

  • A better user experience

    Cloud application development companies can easily tweak and update your cloud app to adapt to sudden workload changes or improve your user experience. Whenever developers alter your cloud app, it won't suffer downtime or performance failure which will adversely affect your customers.

  • Improved security

    Advanced cloud security features, such as encryption and tight security protocols, improve software security and help you resist cyberattacks. Cloud providers are constantly improving and updating their services in line with industry challenges, which protects you from breaches.

  • Protection from data loss

    With native cloud apps, your data depends on your server, so once the server goes down or is stolen, you lose the data for good. On the other hand, cloud applications store encrypted data across multiple servers and back up regularly. In other words, data stored in the cloud can always be recovered.

  • Reduced costs

    Cloud-based application development is more cost-efficient than native, thanks to serverless infrastructures, cross-platform compatibility, scalability, and simpler maintenance. Likewise, you eliminate the need for local backup and rollover solutions in the event of hardware failure.

Our cloud application development services

Get a fully optimized cloud-native app or the flexibility of a cloud-agnostic solution, or go hybrid to balance the two. At Avenga, we’ll align your cloud app development with your business needs and strategy.

  • 1. Cloud-native solution development



    Get an app with services and components optimized for your chosen cloud platform


    • Fully utilize the capabilities of your chosen cloud provider
    • Optimize costs with serverless development and cloud automation
    • Get an easily scalable solution
    • Shorten time to market
    • Reduce third-party provider dependency; your cloud providers will maintain your cloud through managed services
    • Say goodbye to the challenges of managing a physical data center
    • Get the choice of IaaS, PaaS or SaaS cloud app models
  • How we do it:

    We, at Avenga, utilize ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) practices to ensure the planning, delivery and overall lifecycle of cloud application development services that fully align with the needs of your business. We embed ITIL framework in our workflows to be certain the cloud app development processes are effective and that flawless service delivery is achieved.

  • Deliverables:


    • Implementation roadmap
    • Requirements specification
    • Solution architecture
    • Installation checklist
    • Source code and artifacts
  • Team composition:


    • Project Manager
    • Business Analyst
    • Solution Architect
    • UX Engineer
    • Software Engineer
    • Data Engineer
    • DevOps Engineer
    • QA Engineer
    • AQA Engineer
  • 2. Cloud-agnostic & hybrid solution development



    Shift your applications and workloads seamlessly between cloud platforms whenever you need


    • Take advantage of a multi-cloud strategy
    • Avoid vendor lock-in and move seamlessly to other providers when needed
    • Customize your solutions with the best features and security options from each provider
    • Maximize cost-effectiveness
    • Enjoy higher flexibility and scalability
    • Enhance risk management with the best solutions offered by different cloud providers
  • How we do it:

  • Deliverables:


    • Implementation roadmap
    • Requirements specification
    • Solution architecture
    • Installation checklist
    • Source code and artifacts
  • Team composition:


    • Project Manager
    • Business Analyst
    • Solution Architect
    • Software Engineer
    • DevOps Engineer
    • QA Engineer
    • AQA Engineer

Cloud Migration Approaches

We offer the following application migration approaches:

  • Rehost (lift-and-shift)

    Move the application from your internal servers and place it in the cloud without any changes.

  • Replatform

    Migrate applications and data to a cloud platform, preserving the same system architecture.

  • Repurchase (drop and shop)

    Replace an existing solution with a new SaaS service.

  • Refactor

    Partially or fully redesign and optimize an existing application.

  • Re-architect

    Fully redesign the architecture of the application.

  • Rebuild

    Re-develop an app or solution from scratch in the cloud.

  • Retire

    Withdraw the current application or the part of an app functionality that may be refactored, re-architected, rebuilt, or repurchased.

What makes us different




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years of experience

  • We dive deep into the business needs that your cloud application services should address and then match your objectives with technical solutions.


    • Certified experts in all major clouds — AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
    • In-depth expertise in full-cycle cloud application development for businesses at all levels 
    • Broad and deep industry experience: pharma & life science, insurance, financial services, automotive, real estate and more
    • An unbiased holistic approach to cloud application development

Build your cloud app with Avenga! Focus on business growth while we tackle your app challenges.

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Why choose Avenga for cloud app solutions?

At Avenga, we provide full-cycle cloud application development services, from app design and development to testing, performance monitoring, and maintenance.

  • 20+ years of hands-on practice

    With over 20 years of experience, we know how to help you build highly available, scalable and interoperable applications. We have expertise in all major clouds — AWS, Azure, Oracle, Salesforce and Google Cloud — so you get the best of industry practices and new technologies.

  • A focus on your business and budget

    We focus on your business and industry needs along with the technical options. The result is a cost-effective and secure cloud solution that’s tailor-made to your project objectives. We also ensure that you control your expenditures throughout development.

  • Industries from finance to pharma

    Financial services, automotive, pharma, insurance, real estate, (your industry here)... Whatever your sector, be sure that we can guide you all the way from strategy planning to cloud app release, helping you choose the cloud development technology and services that will meet your needs.

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Avenga’s willingness to make sure that we are collectively successful stands out. Whether it's bringing on more resources or providing some other capabilities, they go above and beyond. They bring their broad portfolio of talent to the table. I have had bad experiences with vendors in the past, but Avenga made me feel like I had nothing to worry about.

Michael Buzzell Co-owner and CTO, NBTV Studios

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