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Custom Software Development

Your ideas, our expertise. Challenged excellence standards.

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Our Services

Our custom software developers’ tech craftsmanship and business prowess stand at the forefront of Avenga’s way of devising custom software applications. Abundant custom software development expertise married to exquisite development process helps the software projects we deliver infuse our client’s businesses with commercial value.

  • Cloud

    Our custom software developers provide your business with velocity, reliability, and functionality of the cloud technology that guards stability and fosters growth.

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  • AI & Data Science

    Custom solutions turning clumsy and mammoth chunks of data into well-structured, applicable  insights to fuel your business with.

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  • Custom Mobile App

    Avenga’s custom mobile application development services place your product closer to its present day and future users.

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  • Data & Analytics

    Leveraging data’s potential to supercharge your strategy and decision-making.

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  • Salesforce

    Helping you translate your Salesforce® investment into a quality deployment and timely project implementation.

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  • QA

    Leaving no line of code behind, quality control & quality management ensure that your customers get the best solution for their needs.

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  • Technology Consulting

    A technology think-tank at the ready for untying the most intricate custom software development projects’ tech knots. Evaluate your opportunities and apply the right technology with outcomes in mind.

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  • Enterprise Software

    Refined, customised, and efficient internal and external processes that turn concepts into competitive business solutions while navigating change and staying resilient.

  • Microsoft 365 & Power Platform

    Setting up a work space where goals meet processes, and processes meet tools.

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  • DevOps

    Revolutionizing IT into a digital transformation culture and a mindset of quality, agility and delivery.

  • UI/UX

    Intuitive, accessible, and user-friendly customer experiences finding reflection in state-of-the-art interfaces.

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Our Process

Just five steps away from your desired solution.

A software development process devised to deliver results and embrace flexibility. Avenga is a custom software development company that matches industry-savvy top tech talent with our customers’ business goals in order to deliver custom software that eliminates issues and creates opportunities.

  • Every custom software project starts with tech and business scrutiny of the idea behind the solution. This way, we ensure its feasibility to prevent our customers from walking the avenue of a potential budget loss.

  • Defining the product vision to meet the customer’s business goals. Setting up a detailed project delivery roadmap and breaking the process down into manageable deliverables.

  • Having all the requirements transformed into the product implementation, our software engineers move fast yet wisely, harnessing the full potential of the Agile methodology.

  • An integral part of Avenga’s custom software development process, the QA phase sees us handpicking and fusing together the best industry practices and methodologies to detect bugs in the environmental context; not a single line of code leaves us untested.

  • Making sure that your software works well and lives up to the technical and business expectations.

What are the Benefits?

Avenga’s custom software services are accompanied by a specific set of perks making our clients’ lives easier. We deliver custom software application development services entailing a plethora of over-the-top opportunities.

  • Certified experts

    Certified business and tech development experts ensuring a business-focused approach.

  • Quick implementation

    Velocity doubled by quality is what our Agile approach boils down to.

  • Technology Agnostic

    A tech stack wide and expansive enough to erase the limits of flexibility during any project.

  • Flexibility

    We can integrate your product with any platform required so that it moves your business forward.

  • Compliance

    Regardless of the industry, we build software that does not react to but prevents cyber security and legal issues.

  • Adaptability

    Avenga builds products with codes, adapting to the client’s requirements. Not vice versa.

Success Stories

  • UMA, an AI-powered assistant for intelligent workplace

    UMA | Computer Software

    Avenga’s team co-developed a unique UMA platform, which is a privacy-first digital assistant for enterprises that transforms an office into a smart workplace with AI and business intelligence.


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Nothing was too complicated for them, and everything about their process is straightforward.

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Stephen Milner CEO, UMA

They have a good grasp of the underlying technology stack, software engineering principles, and design concepts.

Dave Olander SVP Engineering, Olo

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