Web apps – all the things you don’t have to do on your own. Part 1: Non-functional requirements

Web apps non-functional requirements

Part 1: Non-functional requirements

With valuable input from Felix Hassert and Roland Guelle.

These are the requirements that are usually not on the first page of Requirements or on dashboards. We all tend to focus on the visual side of things and how comfortable the interaction is and will be with the user. It’s natural. 

Usually the heated conversations are not about ‘too-tech’ topics, like efficient content delivery, which TLS version should be supported, etc…

Of course the web application should perform fast, use an optimal amount of bandwidth and be secure. No serious application vendor in the world would ever ask their clients “Do you want your app to perform optimally? Shall we pay attention to the security of your solution?” Of course they do. 

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How to do it home alone

For any of the non-functional requirements specified, or temporarily forgotten, there are multiple commercially available and open source frameworks and components. 

So it is just a matter of using your npm skills to install them and make some configuration changes and you’re ready. Right? Unfortunately no. 

First of all, learning how to use all the solutions has a steep learning curve and people are often reluctant to invest in that (you don’t see security or performance with naked human eyes unless it’s terrible and already too late). 

Second, combining different open source solutions to work on as a team can be a painful and time consuming adventure.

Third, once done, it will stop working soon after because of the dynamics of the development of open source software and dependencies, because they break down all the time.

As you can see it’s certainly an interesting but long and arduous process. Making it right may tax the budget of the project up to a level which isn’t acceptable.

Wao Avenga

Solution: wao.io 

Avenga did it for you.  Wao.io is a comprehensive Software As a Service (SaaS) solution which can be turned on in minutes and right away you will benefit from improved security and performance. There is no need to modify your code, it’s just a DNS change and you’re ready to go. 

It is a proxy-cache-optimizer, all in one, between your client’s browser and your web server.

We promise to take a look under the hood of the wao.io box, but the simplest diagram showing wao.io in action is the following:

Wao DNS Web Client Web Server

In the next part of this series we will address the performance of the web applications and go behind the scenes of performance and security optimization of the digital solution

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