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Middle Business Analyst

Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, Cherkasy, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Khmelnytskyi

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  • Avenga is a global IT and digital transformation champion. Together, we are more than 2500 professionals with over 20 years of experience. We deliver strategy, customer experience, solution engineering, managed services and software products. Our mission is to shake up the conventional IT market.

  • Now, as we grow fast and smart, Avenga is looking for a mature and ambitious Business Analyst, who will conduct research and analyze our customers’ business problems in order to come up with solutions and help them.
    Our client is a trusted global provider of security inks as well as secured identification, traceability, and authentication solutions. With cutting-edge security inks and technologies at the core of its expertise, the company protects the majority of the world’s banknotes, security, and value documents
    You will have the ability to develop software, which is widely adopted by Border Control Services of many countries all over the world and is being used in highly secure environments, precisely monitored, and regularly penetration tested on all levels.

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    Skills and Qualifications:

    • Minimum 1,5 years of experience as a Business Analyst;
    • Thorough knowledge of business analysis techniques and approaches;
    • Showcase good analytical and evaluative skills in tasks;
    • Practical experience with business analysis techniques and approaches;
    • Have the ability to plan, organize, and structure work;
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
    • Practical experience in the requirements management process;
    • Thorough understanding of the functionality and elements of the system or systems affected by the project;
    • Flexibility/Adaptability: readily adapting to changing requirements; maintaining effectiveness in varying circumstances;
    • Excellent teamwork skills;
    • Experience with interacting with multiple stakeholders;
    • Ability to multitask;
    • Desire to work independently;
    • At least Upper-Intermediate level of English high (verbal and written).
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    • Identifies sources of existing and potential information relating to the project;
    • Define objectives and success criteria of the project;
    • Identify and define proposed business needs;
    • Clearly articulates customer objectives and needs;
    • Identify key project milestones and define project scope;
    • Efficiently collect and collate existing documented information required for the project;
    • Interview individuals and accurately transfer their opinion into a concise written form;
    • Validate and if necessary summarize collected information;
    • Workshop with a group to capture a number of independent sources of information relating to the project, gaining consensus where possible;
    • By reviewing information, can identify gaps, obvious errors, and potentially inaccurate data;
    • Validate, refine and optimize solution option models;
    • Through analysis of options, select the option with the greatest business benefit bearing in mind the customer’s objectives.

Our benefits

We care about your professional development as well as your health, satisfaction and well-being. That is why we offer:

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    Sports compensation program

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    Free snacks and drinks

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    Winter and summer corporate parties

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    Reimbursement of relevant education and certification

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    Presents for Life events

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    Medical expenses compensation program

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    Accounting and legal support

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