Java Developer

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Java Developer



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    • As part of one of our agile backend teams you work on implementing new features for our international platform.
    • You not only implement code but get involved early in the overall process and deliver your software up to production.
    • Refactoring and cleaning up existing code matters to you as much as writing new code.
    • You don’t really differentiate between productive code and test code
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    Skills & Qualifications

    • You are a passionate software developer and have professional experience for at least 5 years.
    • You know all about Clean Code and care for sustainability.
    • You strive for end-to-end responsibility. Implementing code is just a part of the game.
    • Working closely with product managers, writing tests or helping to operate the platform are just as important to you as writing clean code.
    • Core:
    • Microservices, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift are not just buzzwords for you but things you already have gained some experience or you can’t wait to do so.
    • Java EE and things like EJB is something you also have practical experience with and you are still willing to make your hands dirty in these areas, too.
    • Continuously delivering with a high degree of automation is part of your self-conception of a modern software developer.
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    Your benefits

    • Ongoing development of professional qualifications
    • Stable employment and professional work environment
    • Diversified range of implemented projects
    • Genuine influence on career management
    • Team that respects your opinion
    • Private healthcare and sport packages
    • Team-building activities and sports events