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Send us your CV and our Sourcing Team will conduct a short interview with you to learn more about your professional preferences, and then we’ll include your CV in our candidate database. When we find a project that meets your expectations, the Recruiter responsible for the recruitment process will contact you to share with you all the details.

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Avenga IT Professionals include all types of people. We are a team of highly qualified specialists. We take pleasure in creating new solutions that have a real impact on our clients' business. Is working in IT your career choice? Are you a Java Developer, a .NET programmer or an automation tester? Check which areas we operate in and opt for the one best suited to your competences and expectations.

  • What we do

    We combine creativity and innovation with the ability to execute complex projects aimed at achieving measurable benefits that are expected from a large IT solution provider. Find out more on our website.

  • Who do we cooperate with?

    Global brands, innovative projects that change the reality around us, and international teams, this is our clients' environment. This is where Avenga consultants create new IT solutions and develop their careers on a daily basis. See who we work with.

  • What will you gain?

    We understand perfectly well that everyone has individual preferences and needs, so in our portfolio you will find projects for global clients as well as start-ups. We offer various forms of cooperation. In many projects we also offer the possibility to work remotely.

  • What do we appreciate?

    We believe in a pragmatic approach and partnership. Together we look for the best solutions. Relationships with colleagues and business partners are based on honesty and transparency. We place an emphasis on environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and transparent corporate governance.






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  • Support at every step

    At Avenga, we are your partner during every stage of our cooperation. During the recruitment process, we will offer you the projects best suited to your competences. We will also offer you assistance in the necessary HR and payroll matters, providing for smoother cooperation. Our Account Managers and Support Operational Specialists will fully organize and administratively support you. We intentionally keep our finger on the pulse of things, so in difficult situations, you can always count on the assistance of your Account Manager.

  • Internal cooperation for joint development

    We believe in creating the optimum conditions for your professional development during our time together. Working with us means interesting projects throughout the entire period you are with us. We know very well that you are looking for challenges, and we have so many interesting projects in our portfolio. We offer various types of training that will enhance your competences. If you want to try working in another city and need help with relocation, you can also count on us.

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