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Pharma Software Development for Sales and Marketing

Avenga is a technology partner to pharma and life science companies helping them tackle digital transformation challenges with custom software development services.

Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales Software Development

  • Pharma companies that strive to obtain top-notch results utilizing data analysis will certainly want to take advantage of the technological opportunities that empower extensive effectiveness and custom-made marketing and sales solutions.

    Avenga offers best-in-class sales and marketing software development so you can handle all necessary data at the right moment with the highest efficiency. Our teams help customers to enlarge their revenue and profits by adding the necessary features and functions for planning, reporting, and data analytics, including:

    • Tailored services for ad-hoc campaigning
    • Extensive control over company sales and marketing campaigns
    • Improved customer relationships
    • Automated market intelligence and data analytics
    • Timely reporting
    • All-inclusive brand marketing
    • eMarketing and ePromotion

Bespoke Pharmaceuticals Software

  • The pharma business evolution has brought the need for revolutionary technology that moves in sync with the industry's transformation. Outstanding technical progress applied to the pharmaceutical industry magnifies the effectiveness of dynamic marketing automation software for a fast-changing and ever-evolving pharmaceutical marketing environment and custom healthcare delivery. Avenga offers bespoke software development and design with vigorous feature and function combinations that allow pharma marketers to perform to the fullest.

  • Robust end-to-end applications will result in feasible and meaningful results for pharmaceutical marketing departments when compared with the standalone default app. Avenga is a reliable pharma software development partner that helps you to carry out and implement your business strategy from beginning to end.

    Avenga has all-encompassing expertise in pharmaceutical software development that can enable sales and marketing to refine their product marketing plans and campaigns, obtain comprehensive real-time insights, achieve in-depth product awareness, provide instant replies to customer queries, be aware of industry-specific updates and regulatory changes.

Affordability and depth of expertise have made them a critical development partner. Their team easily scales to accommodate project size and is equally flexible with scheduling across time zones.

Suhail Mughal CTO, QPharma

Pharma Software for Sales Reps

Sales operations, such as strategy, consultancy, enablement, forecasting, automation, and analytics are essential processes for your business’ success. Constantly changing pharmaceutical and healthcare marketplace demands and increasing regulatory pressure often force salespeople to make swift and sensible decisions. Sales processes, together with pharmaceutical data governance, analytics, and reports creation, can benefit from leading technology solutions like CRMs and deliver results instantly.

  • Avenga’s broad expertise in pharma & life sciences software development will allow you to:

    • Automate sales and marketing processes
    • Customize the platform to your needs
    • Adjust your strategy on the fly
    • Empower the fast delivery of results
    • Build a powerful customer experience
    • Personalize your marketing campaigns
    • Better organize customers’ data
    • Track leads, prospects, and contacts

    • Centrally administer all the sales data
    • Get insights and analytics on user flow
    • Monitor customer decision journey
    • Get custom reports and dashboards
    • Ensure your data is secure
    • Boost conversions
    • Scale your business
    • Trigger repeat purchases

Pharma Sales Analytics and Reporting

  • Avenga can help you create state-of-the-art software for pharmaceutical marketing, sales, clinical trial processing, drug development, patient engagement portals, integrations with EMR and PMS, and a lot more. We have an all-encompassing experience in medical and medical software development that can streamline sales force on-the-go through the supply of extensive real-time analytics, insights, in-depth product details, instant response to queries, healthcare industry updates and regulatory changes.

  • Having more than 20 years of experience in Business Intelligence (BI) system development, Avenga can provide solutions that assist you in making better-informed business decisions that can lead to improved asset and resource allocation on existing and new projects and also polish the priorities in sales and marketing, helping your business to grow.

Benefits of custom software development for pharmaceutical marketing and sales:

Professional pharma software solutions from Avenga allow cutting-edge technology to turn into an integral part of the sales and marketing processes, which, in turn, gives organizations the agility and flexibility vital to the rapidly changing life sciences market.

Disrupt the conventional pharmaceutical & life sciences market with software and apps engineered for you by Avenga. We deliver solutions that are ideal for:

Strategic marketing/sales planning and execution

Amplified engagement with potential and existing customers

Revenue analysis by product, customer, demographics, etc.

Advanced insights, feedback and ROI analytics

Cost reduction and company expense tracking optimization

Conforming to the changing pharma policies and regulations

Managing KOL profiles effectively

Improved brand awareness and PR efforts

All You Need to Know About Digital Clinical Trial Management in the 2020s

We created for you a 25-pager whitepaper discussing the most important new technologies that are transforming the clinical trial processes. Explore how digital tools for clinical trial management can help you to bring treatment to patients faster and at a lower cost.

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Avenga is a trusted provider of pharma sales and marketing software

  • Our development teams deliver supreme end-to-end solutions that can reinforce your sales and marketing pipeline. With Avenga’s BI and CRM solutions, data integration and visualization tools, your sales and marketing data can be dynamically organized and transformed into actionable results.

  • With highly secure access to crucial information, pharma sales and marketing reps have all the tools they need to distribute approved messages and implement viable actions that produce a measurable difference in sales results.

  • We provide software development services for the pharmaceutical industry can be integrated with third-party platforms to make it easy for salesmen and marketers to manage deals and marketing activities.

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