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Pharma CRM software development

Custom CRM solutions development for the Pharmaceutical Industry can drive your success in the fast-changing market with outstanding customer-centric services.

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Pharma CRM solutions

  • New laws, policies and regulations, along with strenuous market competition and rising business budgets have made the majority of processes and techniques, broadly used by pharmaceutical companies, to become very strenuous and stiff without technological support. Constantly rising business budgets and expenditures as well as new issues and challenges, all force medicine manufacturers to work more while getting fewer results, which holds back pharma representatives and intensifies the workload of primary care physicians.

  • Implementing a powerful and resilient tech system for supervising pharmaceutical operations, aligned with the major business processes, can substantially assist pharma organizations in dealing with these challenges.

    Custom CRM software solutions can significantly truncate operating costs and accelerate your success in the market through mobile device support, customer contact tracking and cloud-based databases. Additionally, our Pharma CRM Software Solutions specifically developed for your needs amplify the quickness of your response to data exchange, resulting in better communications and magnifying efficiency without costly slowdowns.

Affordability and depth of expertise have made them a critical development partner. Their team easily scales to accommodate project size and is equally flexible with scheduling across time zones.

Suhail Mughal CTO, QPharma

Avenga is a trusted provider that can help you with:

  • CRM software development

  • CRM solutions implementation

  • CRM application development

  • CRM integration and migration

  • Expert consulting and support

CRM in Pharmaceutical industry

CRM in pharma is a centralized place for managing all the drug manufacturers’ data through the web, mobile, email, social media, and other communication channels. At any moment when someone checks in through your CRM, they will be able to retrieve flawless data about you and the product(s) you develop or deliver. With Pharma CRM, you can promote the development of your newest medication(s) and treatments, organize your work staff for optimal productivity, and also track how much you spend to ensure regulatory compliance.

Custom CRM solutions development for Pharma business

  • A custom-built CRM system can empower your team with rigorous data, and also establish high-quality relationships with customers, healthcare and medical professionals, which decreases your expenditures, simplifies your workflow and refines customer management.

    CRM solutions harmonize clunky business processes and upgrade quality standards among different clinical and medical practices distributed throughout the pharma industry. At Avenga, we deliver scalable user-friendly CRM software solutions for pharma that can be effortlessly adjusted to meet your company’s requirements and needs, regardless of how small or big your company is.

  • CRM functionality usually consists of:

    • Contacts management
    • Lead tracking
    • Opportunity management
    • Dashboard and charts
    • Email processing
    • Email marketing campaigns
    • Other strategic functions

All You Need to Know About Digital Clinical Trial Management in the 2020s

We created for you a 25-pager whitepaper discussing the most important new technologies that are transforming the clinical trial processes. Explore how digital tools for clinical trial management can help you to bring treatment to patients faster and at a lower cost.

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Advantages of the CRM for Pharma business

The major advantage of implementing CRM software for any industry vertical, including pharmaceutical companies, is in being a paramount tool for effective communication. Pharma organizations can showcase remarkable results by implementing these custom solutions in practice:

  • Benchmarking customers’ opinions on existing drug dosages and treatments, and adjusting your sales and marketing plan to precisely adhere to your customers’ clinical requirements.

  • Efficiently predict the market need for your treatment by assisting in the inventory cycles evaluation, drug purchase patterns and physician recommendation patterns.

  • Amplify your promotion timeline by relevantly organizing target prospects and their influence areas, and also for physicians, key opinion leaders (KOLs) and medical institutions.

  • Mobile access to on-the-move communications to help your sales team, providing them access to all the information they need and when they need it.

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Why Salesforce CRM solutions for Pharma?

  • Avenga will help you understand and implement all the bells and whistles of the world’s leading Salesforce CRM platform. We can customize Salesforce CRM with an emphasis on your particular business requirements while making use of its out-of-the-box features and functionalities.

    • 24/7 (shared cloud)
    • Authentication
    • User management
    • Security and Permissions
    • List management
    • Performance management
    • Team collaboration
    • Mobile readiness (Lightning)
    • Dashboards
    • Reporting

Your trusted pharma CRM development partner

  • CRM software, implemented by Avenga, paves the way for a balanced approach to improved customer/patient experience across the pharma domain. We work with GSK and Roche Poland, QPharma, M3Health, Instem Clinical to deliver best-in-class solutions for pharmaceutical organisations all over the world.

  • Avenga will make it possible for you to develop new ways of reaching the market by transforming your business into a customer-centric company with a unique CRM software solution. In addition, we can help guide your sales team, grow your revenues and improve customer experience, as well as enhance overall enterprise operations.

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